What to do if forgot pattern

Pattern allows you to keep information on your phone or tablet and is considered the tool very convenient. However, sometimes it happens that the owner invented himself forgets the password and can not access the functions of the gadget. What to do if forgot pattern?

Что делать, если забыл графический ключ

Unlock your phone or tablet in this situation in several ways.

Using Google account

This method allows you to unlock the gadget quickly and without problems. But it is suitable only if the tablet or smartphone is tied to the Google account. After several attempts (usually five) to remember the forgotten key system the device will give a link: «Forgot your picture password?». She will need to just click. As a result, the screen displayed the login form in a Google account. After entering the data the gadget immediately rasplachivaetsya.


The answer to the question about what to do if you forget your pattern, in the presence of your synced Google account, so simple. Much worse, if the profile of the social network to the phone or tablet is not tied or password, Google has also forgotten (and restore it, by the way, very difficult). In this case, razblokirovki have to use special software.

The procedure for this should be:

  • connects USB debugging (settings — development);
  • phone or tablet connect to the computer;
  • on the computer with the program installed ADB RUN;
  • at the command prompt, the PC registers the cmd.

Then those who forgot the picture password, you need to set the path to the folder with the program approximately like the picture below.

Что делать, если забыл графический ключ

Then run the following commands, pressing Enter after each.

Что делать, если забыл графический ключ

Then you need to restart the device or unplugging it from the computer, or with using RegawMod Rebooter (it also needs to be installed on the PC). Then enter the menu of the gadget forgotten your pattern, you no longer need. If you switch the device on again it will ask for this password, you can enter absolutely any. Only then it is also desirable not to forget.

What to do if you forget your pattern: other ways

There are other methods of unlocking the forgotten key smartphone or tablet. It can be done, for example, through the Recovery menu, or by flashing. But the above two ways are the simplest. If you unlock your phone or tablet yourself you did not get — do not despair. Just take it to the nearest service. There you to access your data to help experts. But of course, unlocks the device, they are only for a fee.

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