How to get rid of scratches on the smartphone screen

Most of the front panel of modern smartphones is the screen. Despite the existence of protective film, tempered glass shockproof, as well as all sorts of covers, scratches on the display, unfortunately not uncommon.

Как избавиться от царапин на экране смартфона

One of the easiest ways to remove small scratches from a smartphone screen is applied to the touch surface toothpaste. This method requires neither the financial nor time-consuming and are available to almost every user. The whole point consists in applying thin strips or snake around the screen, and then the usual cotton pad or a small soft cloth, carefully all this grind in a circular motion. After a simple procedure to remove toothpaste residue with a dry soft cloth, pre-after waiting a few moments until it dries.

Important: Used the toothpaste should not be gel based! Only a pure homogeneous substance, without any inclusions.

Second, analogous to the simple method is to use regular, baking soda. Powder must be diluted with water to obtain a homogeneous mass. All other actions are similar to the previous method.

In art shops you can buy small tubes with a special tool for polishing displays. Completely from scratch it will not cure, but will help to hide them visually.

P. S you Must always remember that all actions performed with the gadget independently and outside of the service center, are committed at your own risk. If there is the slightest doubt or fear even more harm to the device, the above-described methods it is possible to first try to either not work on mobile or only on a specific, small area of the screen.

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