How to use the refrigerator

The refrigerator is able to significantly increase the shelf life of products, but only if you follow all the advice of manufacturers of this useful equipment. Here are some common dangers and ways to avoid them.

Как правильно пользоваться холодильником

Struggling with the possibility of mold

To reduce the chance of mold on the products, follow the following rules:

— Regularly clean the refrigerator using manufacturer’s recommended detergents. A good home remedy to fight mold — water, diluted soda or vinegar.

— Before to lay down washed fruits and vegetables, thoroughly dry them with paper towels.

— Do not store the products in the clear.

— Do not overload the refrigerator with food.

Fight unpleasant odours

For this purpose also it is necessary to regularly clean the fridge and not storing it in the clear.

It is also important to absence of fluctuations in the moisture. To maintain a low level of water vapor inside the refrigerator, do not place it in hot pots and pans. Well, to remove moisture, put in a cooler with saucer newarena rice.

Correctly place the food in the refrigerator

For the convenience of users in each refrigerator there is markup that specifies for which types of products one or the other section. Depending on the design of the refrigerator, such distribution may differ, so it is necessary to pay close attention to specific layout.

Other problems

In order to avoid damage holodilnika, it should not be installed near sources of heat.

To maintain the correct temperature in the refrigerator, be careful that the door was always firmly closed. Should not often open the fridge for a long time and keep it open.

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