What methods of treatment of chronic yeast infection you can use

There are many reasons why there is thrush. It is very important to eliminate the cause of this disease, and the disease simply take a chronic form. Often vaginal candidiasis occurs due to taking antibiotics, in the presence of any infections, chronic inflammatory processes. Self-treatment won’t give you anything – Yes, the temporary result may be, but constant no. Therefore, for the treatment of yeast infection you need to go to a qualified doctor.

К каким способам лечения хронической молочницы можно прибегнуть

You first need to contact your gynecologist. Give a swab, which should help to identify the cause of white discharge from the vagina. Of course, you must also give a direction for tests of urine and blood. When the causes are established, will be chosen and competent treatment. If you have a banal thrush, it will prescribe oral antifungal medications or suppositories. The recommendation of the doctor it is necessary to observe strictly, or you to get rid of the disease only for a time.

If revealed inflammation of the genital organs, will have to go through a full course of antibiotic therapy and then anti-fungal. Not do without it. If you find erosion, prescribed burning. In General, any deviation is the cause of this nasty disease!

Auxiliary treatment can be carried out so that the healing process is accelerated. Not only any visible symptoms will be removed douching decoction of Bay leaf. The course is ten days – during this time you will be able to stop the inflammatory process that accompanies thrush. Preparing the broth is simple: a liter of water boil, add about ten leaves, boil ten minutes, strain. To f squirt the required cooled decoction twice a day. The regularity here is very important.

The garlic will help to destroy fungi of the species Candida. For this you need to grind a few cloves. Next, pour a small amount of boiling water, strain after half an hour. Soak a tampon with the resulting infusion, then enter into the vagina, it is better to leave on all night. Usually this procedure is carried out regularly in the evening to improve the condition.

To recover fully, restore the vaginal flora. To do this, the doctor should prescribe you a candle with the content of lactobacilli. The doctor will explain to you how to use them.

You should never attempt to cure gynecological disease! Only a competent inspection and the prescribed treatment will help you get rid of chronic thrush. In case of any suspicion of the disease immediately go to a qualified practitioner, and do not rush to seek treatment!

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