How to remove back pain

Back pain occurs not only in older people, but Mature even from young age. Faced with the nuisance for the first time, it is difficult to get rid of the spasms that Immobilise the cervical or lumbar area, like a flaming Hoop. How to remove back pain and why it arises, this question every day care more and more people.

Как снять боль в спине

Sharp, stitched spine like a needle, pain – a signal that takes the body, informing about the internal changes in the structure of muscles, ligaments, cartilages or joints of the spine. You can feel great, but one morning can not get out of bed from the sharp pain that seemed to shoot an arrow straight through the whole body from the waist up to the neck. Sensations can be different – sometimes the pain grabs one area of the backwithout affecting another, and sometimes it seems that my whole body aches from head to toe, one has only to take a breath. Spasms can strike suddenly – at work, in the shop or a morning jog. Most importantly, time to identify the cause and to find proper treatment. This will help the therapist determine what exactly disturbs, he will refer you to a orthopedist, neurologist or rheumatologist – choice of specialist depends on the condition and symptoms of the disease.

The main factors influencing the occurrence of pain:

  • The curvature of posture, a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Disc herniation;
  • Overweight;
  • Tuberculosis of the spine. Deformed cervical vertebrae, forms a build-up in the form of a hump. Disease only happens in children;
  • The woman in the last months of pregnancy because of the sharp rise of weight is faced with nagging lumbar pain;
  • Sudden painful backache is the first symptom of sciatica or herniated hryaschikov;
  • If when going to the toilet «small» you can feel the burning and aching lower back – possible problems with the kidneys, an inflamed Appendix or kidney stones;
  • In men, lumbar pain can be a symptom of prostatitis, the girls of inflammation in the female part;
  • Breathing problems, cramps in the heart region or the shoulder blades – thoracic osteochondrosis, and if it crosses just above the waist, in the middle, alternate with nausea and retching – the probability of stomach problems, inflammation of internal organs, ulcers, pancreatitis.

Lying in bed is not a panacea for all ills. Naturally, the first two days of playfully running will not work, but to lie there, not getting out of bed during the week is impossible. You will only aggravate the situation. Even worse, close to the eye problem and the first improvements to plunge in. Starting treatment, you risk being left with back pain for life.

How to cope with pain

Be aware that sometimes painful sensations arise due to stretching after exercise, or uncomfortable sleep. But what if the «tied» all of a sudden, and there is no way to make a move? Gently get down on your knees, lean your hands on the floor. Start slowly extend your hands forward, stretching. Your Breasts should rest on the knees and forehead to the flooring. Watch out for health. If when stretching there is a new attack of pain, stop. If everything is in order, try to do exercise «cat», like yoga or Pilates. Gently round your back, then relax and scroll down. Having done the exercise several times, slowly pull the legs and lie on your right side. Grasp knees with hands, pull them to the stomach. If pain syndromes are acute, take no action, ‘ take some painkillers «Baralgin» or «Analgin», lie.

Attach to the lower back for 40 minutes, wet a gauze bandage or a handkerchief. Before doing this it is desirable to lubricate the damaged area with honey. To remove the seizure, apply to the place an ice bottle or ice cubes wrapped in a towel. Massage movements for 15 minutes will relieve swelling. Ice can be replaced with heat – use a belt of dog hair or apply to the skin with gauze soaked in warm water. Heat and cold can be used at a time. A good result given steam baths. Do not confuse a real bath with sauna. In the sauna you will not get the desired effect. Special massages restore bad back for several sessions. Often use cupping method.

Identifying the cause of spasms, medication can be combined with rehabilitation exercises.

You can pick up a complex of gymnastic exercises and to be engaged not only in gyms but also at home on TV. On many channels that show sports programs yoga with Marina Korpan Alena Mordovina, Tatyana Dudina. Classes relax the muscles, restore the tension.

Completely eliminate weight training that have a strong tension on the spine, otherwise you’ll hit your back muscles completely. Also, please refrain from riding bikes or bike, no sudden twists and movements. Do not jump off of the bed as the fire, do the fetal position or on the side – is a favorite.

Treatment with medication

The injections contain the necessary analgesics, immunomodulators, and vitamins, anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs and hormones. A single injection can instantly remove the pain and remove the inflammation extensive. Better if the shots will make a professional physician. Corsets and belts perform a supportive function, but do not cure the problem itself. The choice of therapeutic ointments or gels should be taken seriously.

Each product fulfills its role and is divided into groups:

  • Non-steroidal – «Voltaren», «Fastum-Gel» and others, relieve painful syndromes;
  • Combined – «Finalgon» restore, relieve swelling, cramps;
  • Means «Nikofleks», «All» have a warming effect, normalizes blood circulation;
  • Drugs «Rumalon», «Artron Flex» are chondroprotectors to restore cartilage that slow down its destruction;
  • Drugs relieving the pain «has experienced an unexpected side effect», «Vibrators» contain a snake or bee venom;
  • Herbal balms and creams restore damaged cells – «Frozen», «comfrey», «Sophia».

The pharmacy can buy pepper or anti-inflammatory patch. There are patches that reflect the heat waves. Swimming also eases tension and strengthens back muscles, and eating foods with calcium makes bone strong and more resilient.

Как снять боль в спине

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