How to strengthen blood vessels

Blood vessels in the human body perform a very important function — transporterowych nutrients. And under the influence of many factors they can wear out. In the result, human health and even life may significantly decrease. Knowing how to strengthen blood vessels, can improve the quality of health and prolong life.

Как укрепить сосуды


1. Problems with blood vessels quite often manifest the following symptoms: noise in the ears and darkening of the eyes, dizziness, loss of consciousness, fainting, attacks of tachycardia and appearance of slowing of heart rhythms. Also, if you experience problems with blood vessels often appear spider veins on the legs. Hands and feet will periodically go numb. Also a person becomes dependent on the weather.

2. How to strengthen blood vessels in a particular case we can say after the test. But most of the vessels deteriorate as a result of cholesterol deposits or plaque on the inner walls. In addition to the risk group includes people whose way of life can be called wrong. In particular, Smoking, use of drugs and alcohol can devastate the body. Also here you can include improper diet, especially fatty foods. Constant stress also does not lead to anything good.

3. Depending on the localization of the affected vessels and the strength of their injuries may require one or more types of medical intervention. The possible ways both medical and operational.

4. First and foremost, you need to change your diet. This applies to any kind of disease. You must limit the intake of fatty and fried foods. Daily diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

5. To understand how to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain, you must understand the cause of the problem. The appearance of body fat contributes to clogged blood vessels. As a result, the brain is not receiving sufficient oxygen. As a result, may cause headaches and dizziness up to loss of consciousness and stroke. The heart also suffers from this. He has blood pumping in the strong pace. That can lead to heart attack.

6. There are several categories of drugs that will answer the question of how to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain. Some of them relieve spasm. These include no-Spa and papaverine. Also we should not forget about drugs that can thin the blood (some of the most famous is cardiomagnyl and aspecard). Drugs that can reduce atherosclerotic plaques (among the most famous can be called simvastatin and lovastatin). To expand the blood vessels such as Cinnarizine and corinfar. In addition, there are herbs that will help to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain. Among the most popular can be called the swamp air and the buds and leaves of birch.

7. If the problem is in the blood vessels in the legs, after consultation trumbology, phlebologist or physician may be administered one or more drugs. Among all the possible list were most commonly prescribed ointments thrombolytics. Often at the heart of them is the heparin. It is important to take the pill, designed to strengthen blood vessels. Such as ascorutin and hawthorn Forte. Clean veins help pirroksan and alfate. In addition, the doctor may prescribe angioprotectors.

8. In order to improve the flow to the skin blood make massage. It is advisable to do a specialist, but you can do the foot massage yourself.

9. It is impossible to restrict the consumption of healthy fats. As a result, can deteriorate the elasticity of the capillaries. The diet should be balanced and correct. It is useful to eat fish and other seafood. They saturate the body with omega-3. Lower lipid reserves will help the berries currants, mountain ash and blueberries. To clean the vessels will help products such as garlic, pepper, eggplants, greens, grapefruit and cucumbers.

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