How video games affect the human brain

Rare is the person today does not know what video games. And for some they became a real addiction. Developers annually produce projects with original graphics, characters and storylines. But let’s think about how video games affect the human brain? As far as this hobby is beneficial or harmful?

Как видеоигры влияют на мозг человека

Structural changes

With the appearance of video games there was a mixed opinion. Some experts they are constantly praised, while others did not approve of and even demonized. In this regard, a study was conducted to evaluate the effects of video games on the human brain. The result was the revealed structural and functional changes in all parts of the brain. Specifically in neural fibers connecting with the temporal visual cortex, hippocampus and thalamus. All of this demonstrates both a positive and negative impact of video games on the human body.


  • Benefits: exercise of long focus and selective attention. What does it mean? Experienced gamers can for a long time to focus on the execution of multiple tasks or the study of a large block of information. It concerns not only games, but also reality.
  • Also the fascination with video games contributes to the development of visual-spatial thinking. That is, the gamer is improving (or exacerbated) perception and orientation in space.
  • Marked and positive influence on the right, the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories.


The study was done and negative conclusions. And they are connected with the installation or main purpose of any video game – the approval and reward. The fact that it increases the production of dopamine, stimulating adrenergic receptors. A similar effect on the brain and nervous system can be observed in people with drug and alcohol addiction. And this point is gambling. Gamers will also experience a withdrawal syndrome, i.e. breaking long-term abstinence from video games.

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