How to connect virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses allow you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite game. Having tried at least once virtual reality device, it’s safe to say that they are the future and soon they will completely replace other gaming gadgets. Use them quite easily, the only issues arise on how to connect virtual reality glasses into the computer or phone.

Как подключить очки виртуальной реальности


1. There are three kinds of virtual reality gadgets. And before you start talking about ways to connect, we need to know what type you have.

2. A very simplified view of virtual reality glasses for smartphones. In fact, they represent the box in which is embedded a special lens and a special mount, which is installed in the smartphone. They are the most accessible. The price starts from 100 rubles., There is an intermediate option such points, when in fact it’s the same box, but made of plastic, and having an electronic stuffing. In order to play the same way as on older versions require a smartphone.

3. The following types of devices virtual reality headsets are self-contained. The price is already significantly higher than in the previous view. But important plus is that it is sufficient only to charge the device and you can go into the virtual world anywhere. Connect to any device is possible only at your request. A mandatory connection to a PC this headset does not need.

4. Better still are the virtual reality headsets for consoles and computers. The price is quite high, but in this helmet you can enjoy the highest image quality. In addition, there is a whole category of games, the use of which is only possible on such devices. For such a gadget to have a connection to a powerful computer.

5. If you are the owner of a virtual reality helmet, then connect it to the computer it is necessary according to the instructions of the device, which should go in the kit to the helmet. If you are the owner of a standalone virtual reality headset, no wiring required at all. Just enough to turn it on. And here is the user manual for the connection points of virtual reality will be discussed below.

6. First and foremost, you need to download the application of virtual reality. When it starts the screen will be divided into two parts. Do not be alarmed. As it should be. Thus each eye will be your image, which will allow to plunge into the game completely.

7. Now place your phone in your headset in a special Department. Some goggles have a retractable Department. It should pull out, insert your smartphone and then paste in place. Some virtual reality gadgets have a flip cover, which is inserted into the phone.

8. Goggles, and enjoy an amazing virtual world.

9. If after that you see that the image is not divided in the middle, then try to adjust lenses. If this does not help, you need to install the application on the smartphone Cardboard.

10. After the application runs it will automatically detect the model of virtual reality glasses. If identified correctly, you should click «Yes». If the device has determined the gadget is wrong, click «no, choose points». Then from the list select your model. You can determine the model points using a barcode, if available. After selecting your model, the application will adjust the image to the model points.

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