The main criteria for the selection of men’s shavers

In stores you can find many models of electric shavers, from simple and cheap to the real «spaceships, furrowing the Bolshoi theatre». What are the criteria of choice of the razor should be guided to choose the most convenient model?

Основные критерии выбора мужской электробритвы

It is difficult to argue that the shaver is your one-stop appliance. The right razor will save a huge amount of time and will look neat and well maintained. Here important criteria, which we need to think before you buy this gadget:

1. View of the system shaving

For sale we can find the rotor and grid razor. Each device type has its advantages and disadvantages, including the cleanliness and tidiness of shave, ease of change low-level block (knives), the life of the razor, the degree of skin irritation when shaving. It should be noted that according to the merits of the different models of razors to find the opposite, so it is best to begin with a study of the opinion of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Try to use different types of razors, if possible.

By the way, the same can be said about such features as the ability to wet shave with an electric razor. Manufacturers insist that the razors, allowing not only dry, but wet shave is much more comfortable, but user reviews of them are not good.

2. The number of shaving sections

But with this selection criterion, all very clearly — the more sections, the faster the shave. You can find razors with one, two, three, four, five sections, but it can be assumed, this is not the limit.

3. The mobility of the shaver and block shaver heads

Many models of razors have long been fitted with so called floating heads that follow the contours of the face while shaving, significantly increases its quality. Similarly, movable shaving unit would allow the razor to more accurately replicate the contours of the face, providing a clean stubble.

4. Type of cleaning razors

If the shaver requires only a dry shave, and the cleaning of shaver can only be dry — using a special brush. But the razor with the option of a wet shave can be cleaned under running water, however, after that the blade will have to thoroughly dry.

In a separate type I want to highlight the shaver with automatic cleaning. This, of course, very convenient and saves time, however the cost of this shaver will be namogo above.

5. A built-in trimmer

This option will allow you to comfortably clean up the beard or mustache, however, professional styling with her impossible.

6. The type of food

Are you planning to take the razor with you on your trip or use only at home? Depending on your selection, and power type razor, which is prefer (battery, batteries or from the network).

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