What is the motherboard

Before deciding to upgrade your computer or its individual components, such as RAM or CPU, you must first know what is the motherboard in the system unit. The motherboard is the main Board of the computer and it affects the entire system.

Как узнать, какая стоит материнская плата


1. There are three guaranteed ways to know which is the motherboard. The motherboard model is displayed on the monitor screen in the initial boot of the computer. On the first or second screen during boot, note the appearing the labels. A separate line among them search for names with the name of the manufacturer of the motherboard, for example: “ASUS A7N8X” or “GIGABYTE GA-5486AL”. However, if the manufacturer of the motherboard you do not know, then proceed to step 2.

2. Disconnect power from the computer. Unscrewing fastening screws and removing the side housing cover of the system unit, carefully inspect the motherboard. Most often fees are marked by manufacturers so that they can be easily identified. Looking for a sticker with the name or any other method specified on the Board model.

3. Another way to find out is what motherboard to use special software that identificeret all installed on the computer equipment. The best known programs of this kind is SiSoftware Sandra and EVEREST. If you chose to EVEREST, after running in the left part of the window will see the program menu. Among other items on the menu choose «motherboard», and with the same name. In the right part of the window you will see all the features of the motherboard, including its model and various properties. In this menu you can see technical specifications and data for the CPU, memory and other critical system devices.

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