How to connect the router to the computer

The process of connecting the router to the computer is pretty simple with it even a novice will understand. Difficulties can arise only when setting up the device. Next, you will learn that the computer is connected via cable or wirelessly.

Как подключить роутер к компьютеру

The gradual process of connecting wi-fi router to the computer

1. After opening the box with the router need to connect to the network. The back is the power button that must be pressed. In the case of the healthy state should light up the bulb.

2. In the location of power key, located the nest. One of these nests is always on the edge and is highlighted with a certain color. It says WAN. It need to connect the Internet cable.

If you had heard a click, then the cable was inserted correctly.

3. If necessary the cable that connects to a computer, you can plug in any other socket. If the light came on, then the signal is sent.

4. In the case of a wireless connection all steel settings are made on the computer. For this you need to have data from the ISP.

The computer is connected to wi-fi router via cable:

1. The wire should be inserted into the socket of the router labeled WAN.

2. The power cord is connected to any other socket of the router.

3. The other end of the wire should be inserted into the computer port, which is called Ethernet. After done action should be flashing light.

With any of the difficulties you need to verify the correct connections of wires to the device. Rasprostranennaya reason why you can’t connect the router to the computer, lies in the erroneous joining of cables.

If you lost connection the router to the desktop PC, keep in mind that with the laptop the process will be the same.

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