What breakdowns of the laptop user can handle yourself

Breaking expensive electronics is definitely a sad event. But in some cases you can reduce costs and waiting time for repair, if you take measures by yourself. What the user can do it by myself, in which case it is better to consult a specialist?

С какими поломками ноутбука пользователь может справиться самостоятельно

The laptop is not included

This is a very ambiguous situation. This problem can be caused by a common discharge of the battery and of irreversible damage to the individual components of the «system unit». If the last inclusion went fine, and the laptop worked on battery (or the battery is very old), you should hold it on charge for a few hours and then retry activation. Otherwise, you will have to see a specialist.

The laptop shuts down suddenly

Not turn on or unexpectedly for the user to turn off the laptop, maybe due to overheating. Prevention of this phenomenon, as well as the necessary steps that need to be taken after the first spontaneous off — cleaning of the cooling system. Very inexperienced users can be advised to brush with a stiff brush with a long NAP hole system ohlazhdeniya (they are in the lower part of the body). If you know how to disassemble my laptop, I regularly clean the dust from the entire cooling system including the radiator and the cooler.

In that case, if the cooling system of the laptop did not have time to become clogged or it is regular maintenance, will have to go to a repair shop.

Flooded with laptop

In such a situation is very high risk of damaging the motherboard or other components, so in most cases will require the intervention of a specialist. However, in any case you have immediately to turn off the smart car remove the battery, disconnect the power supply, dry everything with a Hairdryer.

Problems with the keyboard

The button is very easy to break with careless handling of equipment. Repair can be done with your hands, if you are more or less versed in the art. In certain situations, the button can return to the place almost without affecting the operation of the computer. If broken, a few buttons may have to change the keyboard entirely. It is also possible to do on its own, if you are careful enough.

Mechanical breakdown

This type of damage can be attributed to any cracking of the case (for example, often suffer hinge cover). The problem can arise from careless, rough handling of equipment, drops, bumps during transportation. For individual models the change of parts of the case will not be of great complexity, but will require care. But in case of any arising difficulties should consult a specialist.

Also with rough handling could dislodge the connectors, go crack on the motherboard, straining the ribbon cable going from the matrix to the motherboard, etc. In all such cases will have to address in the workshop.

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