How to insert a mini-chat

If your site is visited by a large number of people, it can be made more interactive by inserting a mini-chat. This addition will allow visitors to communicate with each other and not take up much space on the page.

Как вставить мини-чат

You will need

  • — HTML-code chat;
  • program to edit HTML code;
  • — FTP client.


1. Use one of the special resources to create a mini-chat, for example, «Chatovod» or «Chatium». Create and specify in special fields, the name of the future message and the address of its pages. The address should contain not less than four and not more than twenty characters. After filling in all the required fields, click «Create chat».

2. Go to your mailbox at the address you specified when creating the mini-chat and go through the activation process. In the control panel of the chat, highlight and copy the HTML code used to embed on your website. You can choose from four different variants of the code.

3. Open your chosen HTML page for a mini-chat, using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, and paste the copied code. Using FTP client, upload your website changed page.

4. Install the necessary chat settings in the control panel. So he could appear in the directory tree, install a tick in the appropriate text box. The site administration to create a mini chat will review your project and some time to approve.

5. Select the appropriate chat. You can use a ready-made design, and to set the necessary settings manually, for example, to change the font size, background color and background image. After you save the chat settings you will not be able to change its code.

6. Assign a moderator and administrator chat. They can become any user registered on the site. In the rights of moderators includes: lock and unlock users and administrators have the ability to add and edit ads. In case of sending you the relevant applications to users, they must give their consent to receive the office administrator and moderator.

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