What is internal linking

Internal linking — an indispensable attribute of website optimization, has beneficial effects on behavioural factors and promotion.

Что такое внутренняя перелинковка

As such, the linking inherent in the structure of your site is a menu in the sidebar and navigation bar in header and list the articles using plugins… But it’s static, non-content links and wait for a effect from them is not worth it, except that they generate internal transitions.

Search engines give preference to contextual links within the text, their placement is a manual process, i.e. they are relevant content.

Internal linking is especially appreciated by Google, craftsmen raise PR only for their account, without external reference.

Options and a huge number of ways, based on the principle of weight transfer — each page has its own weight depending on the amount of referencing on it, and it passes it in the volume is inversely proportional to the number of outgoing. For example, one link transmits 1, 2 will give 0.5 — in fact, no one has any idea how much weight is lost with any links, there are many factors, ranging from relevancy, way of writing (Ancona or betancuria) and ending location in the text.

The basis is the only thematic linking of similar articles.

To increase the internal weight use the map ring pages refer to each other and ultimately closed on themselves.

To raise internal page links to many articles lead to one.

Increasing the PR rests on the construction of complex structures, leading to the main, in a well pumped vnutryaki inserted Ancora link.

Use this tool wisely, and he’ll bring results!

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