How to adjust a front derailleur of a Bicycle

Front derailleur is a device that delivers gear shifting at the so-called system of the bike (or on the axis of the carriage). Often this switch is much more convenient to use than the rear switch, because switching is faster, and the adjustable range varies in a wider interval. Repair or adjustment of the front derailleur of a Bicycle is often required early in the season or when equipment deterioration.

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1. Check how the switch is set on the frame. The switch frame must be parallel to the largest star in the system. The position of the chain on the top of the star relative to the frame should be about 1/3 of the total height of the frame.

2. Fully loosen the rope switch by loosening the retaining bolt.

3. The adjustment of the start switch with the transmission where the switch returns it to the main spring. In this position (most often it corresponds to the first transmission), turn the adjusting screw «L» so that when pedaling in a gear range 1-1/ 1-5 did not have any rattle.

4. Then pull the cord switch. Don’t forget that the lever on the handlebar must be switched to the position corresponding to the adjustable positions. Most often this will be the first transfer.

5. After the cord is stretched, switch the lever to position 2. In this position, the frame should not touch the chain when the ranges of 2-1/2 to 6. If the circuit still clings to the frame, then use the fine adjustment on the lever. This will allow you to move the position of the frame of 1-2 mm without loosening the bolt rope.

6. Now it is necessary to adjust the upper point of the switch. Switch the lever to position 3. In this position, make sure that the frame does not cling in the range of 3-3/3-9. For position control use the latest adjustment screw «N».

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