How to set rear hub Bicycle

If in the process of operation of the bike you found that the rear hub started to work correctly and there were knocks or problems in torsion wheel, then you must set up this sleeve. The bushings are different. The easiest way is configured bushing «on the balls». This sleeve has a long life, and its repair is simple and not difficult.

Как настраивать заднюю втулку велосипеда


1. First, identify what kind of bushing you have. The bushing «on the balls» given the wide flanges of the sleeve. If visually distinguish the type of bushing does not work, feel free to twist the axle. If the inside of the Cup on the flange will show the bearing of the balls, then continue to act according to the instructions.

2. Any bushing consists of an axle, bearing, adjusting nut cones and control nuts. The setting sleeve is determined by the position of the adjusting cones. These cones are rotated using a conventional wrench. Thus, if the sleeve came the backlash, we simply use these regulatory nut.

3. Remove the rear wheel from the bike, take the required keys. Using the keys Unscrew the counter nut from the axle. If the sleeve is more or less new and in working condition, then Unscrew the nut only on one side. After the control nut Unscrew the cone and remove all washers.

4. Now remove the axle from the bushing. Thus be careful and try not to lose balls. If the ball gets into the inner space of the sleeve, it will be very difficult to be severed. Therefore, try to gently pull all the balls from the cups and put them in some kind of container or pallet.

5. To access the flange where the cassette would require its removal. For this use a special puller which is called the puller magazine. Simply Unscrew the cassette. Keep in mind that there is a reverse thread and Unscrew this detail in the direction of the free running wheel. I.e. the key must be rotated in the direction of the idling of the ratchet. Note that to remove the tape not so simple and require a great amount of strength. The tape itself is blocked from turning by using the so-called whip.

6. Wipe all elements of the bushing cloth. Now you can remove the bearing from the closed cassette flange. Clean and it.

7. After this it is necessary on the side of the bushing that will work on a twist, set «dead» nut. During the movement of the friction force will tighten it, but since the nut is already tightened, the sleeve will continue to work. If this is not done, then during the movement of the bushing may spin and stop spinning.

8. The «dead» side is very simple. The control nut and cone nut are twisted relative to each other with keys.

9. Now you need to assemble the bushing in the reverse order, making sure to coat all of the friction elements grease (for example, the so-called petroleum jelly)

10. When adjusting you’ll need to rotate the control nut and to achieve such a position that the axis of the sleeve at the same time freely and smoothly rotated, and at the same time not loftily. Pull the grommet impossible. The sleeve is constricted, if not impossible to rotate the wheel around its axis, while holding the axle with your fingers.

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