Assembly of Bicycle wheels and ustranenie eight

The ability to lace the wheel yourself and eliminate the top eight is a useful skill that will not only significantly save on bike maintenance, but will also give confidence in the quality of the work performed. At first glance it seems that to assemble the wheel itself is almost impossible, but actually it is not so. The Assembly technique is very simple and it is sufficient to understand its basic meaning.

Сборка колеса велосипеда и устарнение восьмерки

You will need

  • — a new rim;
  • — new sleeve;
  • — wrench for nipples of the spokes;
  • — pliers;
  • — screwdriver under the slot;
  • — the spokes;
  • — machine for Assembly of wheels or just a loose plug.


1. Take a bike hub and pick a rim that will fit the number of holes in the flange of the sleeve.

Сборка колеса велосипеда и устарнение восьмерки

2. Buy a set of spokes with a small margin. The size of needles you need to pick up a special calculator wheel. This program can be freely found on the Internet. If your experience allows your eye to determine the correct size of spokes, you can do it yourself. Modification of the spokes choose arbitrarily.

Сборка колеса велосипеда и устарнение восьмерки

3. Thread into the holes on one of the flanges of the bushing knitting needle through one hole. By this action, we will begin the Assembly of the wheel. Opposite ends of the spokes hook into the holes on the rim. Do not tighten the nuts-nipples hard, but only loosely tighten them. The first hole on the rim where you place the needle, choose arbitrarily. The following spokes place on the basis of the principle through the three holes in the fourth.

Сборка колеса велосипеда и устарнение восьмерки

4. Now, in the remaining holes (one, respectively) of the sleeve of the flange, should be to pass the spokes heads in the opposite direction (relative to the already placed spokes). The back side of the spokes should be placed in the rim and also gently, loosely install the nuts. The first spoke is placed in the tenth hole from nine spokes placed in step 3. After this, you should use the same principle. Needles to place into the fourth hole in three. Please note that the spokes should be intertwined with each other three times. Starting from the flange of the sleeve needle fits opposite, then, also fall under the second needle, and the result is suppresses on top of the third needle.

5. After that, flip the wheel. Collect the same way as in step 3 and 4 opposite the flange. The first spoke will post randomly. It is optimal to choose collinear holes of the opposite flange and spokes to place around. Use the principle that every hole should be «rim pull» in opposite directions.

6. Now you need to rectify the eight on the wheel and to eliminate the runout. Spin the wheel in the frame with a marker or a special machine. At those points, where you will see the deviation from the uniform arrangement, it is necessary to loosen the spoke or tighten it.

Сборка колеса велосипеда и устарнение восьмерки

7. If the wheel acts in the direction of the located marker, needle next to this area you need to pull up. If on the contrary — the needle should loosen. Don’t forget about the uniformity of tension of all the spokes and don’t loosen/tighten just one spoke. Radial runout is eliminated similarly to this method.

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