How to lose weight with a yoga ball

Fitball – gym ball for aerobics and body Flex. To the question – how to lose weight with a yoga ball for a short time, there is only one answer — quickly and easily!

Как похудеть с фитболом

Fitball – what is it

The ball just seems easy to use, but we should start one exercise, and you will feel powerful pressure on all the muscles at once. To do with a fitball, not only at fitness clubs but at home. Initially, the exercise ball was intended for straightening crooked posture, prevent knee and ankle joints, varicose veins. Now the fitball has a wider application – the systematic lessons with the ball and make the body fit, supple, quietly removed the sides and belly. The shape of the ball creates tension required for the stretching of the ligaments muscles. Pregnant women in one lesson relax tired muscles, reduce pressure on the lower back. In addition, the fitball is fun.

The balls are divided into sizes – the smallest has a diameter of 45 cm, and perfect for exercise with newborn children, and the large reaches 85 see the Choice will depend on human growth. It is worth remembering that the width of the girth must not exceed 100 degrees. You should not feel discomfort while hugging the ball with your feet.

Where to start

Perhaps, start with a warm-up is easy, but effective exercises:

  • Install the fitball in the middle of the room and be seated on top. Start vigorously jump with your back straight and keeping the fifth point from the ball. Foot press firmly to the floor. Jump for 5 minutes. In this way you strengthen the muscles of the legs;
  • With exciting energetic jumping, go to smooth the turns the body from side to side, then spread your legs. Be careful of the foot when the movement was not detached from the solid surface;
  • To tighten the buttocks, lie down on the floor, put your legs on the ball. Start a push-up, pulling the body alternately to one knee, then the other. No need to make any sudden movements or steep enough to reach out a hand to the opposite knee and gently down on a gym Mat;
  • To remove belly fat, you need to lie on your back, put your feet on an exercise ball and begin twisting left and right, without lifting the lower back off the Mat.

Just 20 minutes a day and you significantly podkorrektirovatj figure, lift mood, develop self-discipline and restraint. Remember that result from physical activity will be effective, if you perform exercises with a straight back. Very often, the fitball is used bodyflex and yoga program.Как похудеть с фитболом

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