How to choose home theater: guide to components

Home theater consists of DVD player, AV receiver, speaker and big screen TV. Consider the features of each component and how they link to decide how to choose a home theater that will not disappoint you.

Как выбрать домашний кинотеатр: гид по составляющим

If not acquired a single system, home theatre system consists of separate elements. Selection technique is better to start with the TV.

Components a home theater system


To collect home theater traditionally bought TV sets with a diagonal of 32 inches, can also be used with projectors or plasma televisions with large screens. The last can be hung on the wall, the picture they have a more bright and clear and the screen is resistant to flare.

Video projector

Projectors reproduce images of any size, for home use, buy projectors format of about 200 by 150 cm and high quality video playback turn the system into a true home cinema.

DVD player

With the help of this device reproduces the audio and video DVD/CDs, play music track, the television screen shows images from digital cameras. In the operation of home theater player transmits multi-channel digital audio to the AV receiver for decoding.

AV receiver

AV receiver converts digital sound to analog, amplifies and transmits the signal to the speakers. The operation of the player the sound goes to the receiver, where is distributed to the channels of the speaker system and the subwoofer channel of low frequency. The most used format is a 5.1 receiver at which the signal is distributed over 2 front, 2 rear, 1 center and 1 subwoofer channel.

Parameters power front and rear channels must be synchronized, and the operation quality of the channels depends on the amount of power gain. For rooms with an area equal to 20 square meters, it is recommended to choose AV receiver with 100 watts on 1 channel.

Acoustics for home theater

In the home the optimal number of columns, depending on the location divided into Central, front and rear, ensures the best quality sound while watching a movie. Speaker system center channel sounded all the dialogue and audio effects, and cheap receivers, the signal coming through the Central channel, distributed between the front left and right speakers. The Central column is installed close to the screen.

All speakers must be equipped with protection against magnetic effects of the magnetic field of the speakers speakers near the TV set, the quality of the broadcast images.

The front speakers

Front speakers, plays music and sound effects. If DK is devoid acoustics subwoofer, then the whole load of bass with the quality of the sound is distributed between the two front speakers.

Front speakers are divided into two-way and three-way. Big speaker two-way speaker reproduces low frequency sounds and small sounds of medium and high frequencies. Three-way speaker reproduces high, low and medium frequencies. It is recommended to purchase a subwoofer to increase the emotional impact of the film and enhance the special effects of the film, despite the formation three-way speakers high-quality sound.

Front speakers for home theater are on the left and right sides of the TV receiver at a distance of not more than 1.5 meters from the device, and for 1-1,5 meter height from the floor. Rear speakers with directional and dipole acoustics creates the effect of surround sound. For the formation of non-directional sound speakers, put speakers in the wall or ceiling.


During the selection of a suitable power system acoustics is necessary to monitor the absence of excess power receiver in comparison with the parameter columns. Room area of less than 10-30 square meters is recommended to buy 50 watt system 50, in medium-sized rooms — 100 watt, and in large halls — 150-260 watt speakers.

If you must have home theater system with additional features, you can buy a DC with a low-power acoustics, but with a built-in FM tuner and karaoke.

Price home theater system

The option prices DK without the TV influences manufacturer and many technical features. The cheapest models cost from 50 thousand rubles, the average sold for 70-90 thousand rubles. Expensive and powerful models of home theater system, with additional functionality, high build quality and components are from 100,000 rubles.

Now you know how to choose a home cinema without the fuss. Pleasant viewing!

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