The establishment of surveillance system for the house with his own hands

If you cited to do minor wiring repairs or hanging lamp – the problems with creating a video surveillance system should arise. How to cope with this problem, we will help you to understand.

Создание системы видеонаблюдения для дома своими руками

The finished system

In the security market a large variety of ready sets of CCTV, from budget to more expensive.The difference is in materials used, build quality, brand. What to choose – you decide.

If necessary – you can build a system by integrating the required number of sets in one system.

With all the advantages such systems have disadvantages. First, the kits do not come with software that does not allow in real time to observe the object at any point of the world via the Internet. And will you have it need a monitor that multiscreen mode. Second, wireless systems have limited range.

To summarize, we can say that there is no better solution than the most collected video surveillance system components from different manufacturers and with the desired characteristics.

The simplest system

To create the most simple video surveillance system you can own – not buying any cameras, video recorders, etc. the Main condition – the presence of the camera.

In the 21st century almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. To organize all this into a video surveillance system will not be a big effort, that connection with themselves, whether it’s a social network,a WI-FI or any other way, install the camera in the right place you can watch everything that happens in the next room.

The availability of special software required, and you can download it on the Internet will not be easy.

Another way is DVR. Securing it in the right place and brought him food we get the same video surveillance system. However, not everyone has such a device, and the simplest model with a memory card will cost about $ 100.

The biggest disadvantage of this method of observation is the limited recording time. At medium settings 32GB memory card, the recording time will be a few days. Next record will go “in a circle”.

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