Make the heels smooth and soft: the basics of care

Well-groomed woman always remembers the details and knows the true value of beautiful skin. And therefore pays special attention to even the parts of your body that are easy to hide from prying eyes use clothes or shoes. But if we see on a warm summer day well-groomed woman, then at the end look will touch on her heels in search of the endpoints confirm the integrity of the image.

Делаем пяточки гладкими и мягкими: основы ухода

An important condition, in addition to basic care, is its regularity. Care should be daily. Keeping it simple and effortless rule, you will achieve a permanent positive result and will not be afraid of the appearance of unsightly cracked heels. The next point will be the analysis of supply. It should be balanced and include all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, during their maturation, these gifts of nature filled with nutrients.

In addition to malnutrition and lack of vitamins, the cause of cracked heels can be skin fungus, gastritis, kidney disease or endocrine system. If daily care and maintenance of hygiene the skin on your heels the rude remains, and continues to crack, call your doctor. Perhaps the body thus signals the malfunction of any organ.

Procedure daily care of the heels should be approximately the following:

1. Prepare a foot bath. The water temperature should be 36-38 C. you Can add sea salt, herbal teas, foam or special products for foot baths, which have a relaxing effect on the foot, soften the skin and prepare it for the exfoliation process.

2. Coarse pumice gently remove rough skin particles.

3. A foot scrub will remove smaller particles of rough skin. For a complete exfoliating effect, use a pumice stone with a fine texture to even out skin heels.

4. Rinse feet with clean water.

5. Well wipe them with a towel and apply a nourishing foot cream. After the procedure you can wear cotton socks to allow the skin to absorb the cream.

By following these simple guidelines, you can easily maintain the beauty of the skin of the heels and keep your look flawless!

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