What remedies for weight loss use in sports medicine

The majority of athletes, fitness coaches and gymnasts look sexy, can boast a athletic body with rippling muscles, perfect weight. But not all of them by nature have a good metabolism, sometimes have a tendency to gain extra pounds. How trainers and employees of fitness clubs manage to look toned, have a great figure? To help the professionals come weight loss products from the Arsenal of sports medicine. Never heard of proteins, blockers of appetite and fat burners? I was wrong — the drugs are highly efficient in controlling excessive weight, allow you to achieve results virtually in a few weeks.

Какие средства для похудения используют в спортивной медицине

If you have extra weight and 2-3 months before the holiday or important event, it’s time to start using some weight-loss drugs, well-known among athletes. If it is necessary to get only 2-3 kg, enough for one month. The main thing — to observe all requirements on the admission of pills, drugs, to practice and adhere to the principles of healthy eating. So, consider the top 10 ways to lose weight from the Arsenal of sports medicine:

Fat burner L-carnitine

L-carnitine (or carnitine) is the most popular among American nutritionists and trainers fat burner. In the preparation includes amino acid responsible for the lipolysis of fats. It improves heart function, «pulling» energy from metabolized fat. Contraindications for admission are virtually absent, but the result will only appear when a strong physical exertion, intensive training. One capsule (or a vial) doctors recommend divided into three stages, which allows you to save.

Fat burners in the form of creams

Such external resources, effectively split the fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, flanks, penetrating under the skin through the pores. Sports creams are labeled «transdermal» contains increased dosages of active substances, removes not only fat, but and stretch marks, «orange peel». The most popular Spanish cream brand Sculpt. For women are designed in line Celluless for men — Absteel.

Fat burning pills

Athletes take two types of pills: thermogenics and lipotropic. The first actively release fatty acids, which leads to tidal forces, the removal of the load from the liver. The second increase calorie consumption by slightly raising the body temperature by 1-2 degrees. One of the conditions of taking these dietary Supplements is combined with intense physical exertion. Mandatory consultation of the doctor before use.

Какие средства для похудения используют в спортивной медицине

The carb blockers

The principle of operation of drugs blocking enzymes that break down the carbohydrate compound. As a result, the carbohydrates are not deposited on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, rapidly excreted. Usually take blockers in combination with fat burning pills or carnitine by the physician. The most well-known recognized brand Carb Block, Thermoloid.

Blockers calories (appetite suppressant)

In medical language, these funds are known as anorectic or anorexigenic. These drugs, originally developed for sports medicine, is now widespread amongst dieters women. Group of dietary Supplements can reduce, control appetite, helps you eat less due to the impact on the satiety center in the brain. The most effective and are considered safe Sibutramine, Fluoxetine.

Ordinary drinking water

Water not only helps to lose weight and remove toxins from the body. It normalizes metabolism, allows you to «cheat» on an empty stomach. Athletes say that in the day you should drink about three liters of pure non-carbonated water. Precise calculation possible according to the formula: weight divided by 20. Before each snack, meal and after exercise should drink a glass of water. However, immediately after a meal to drink of its forbidden. Only such a rule will benefit for weight loss.

The fight against edema according to the «Soviet» method

A great way to reduce weight is to remove excess fluid from the body. In compliance with the rules will decrease the volume of the body will eliminate the bags under the eyes, swelling of feet, face. The method can be applied even during pregnancy. So, the gist of it. Pour a quart of clean drinking water, put in the evening two hours before bedtime it next to a sofa, armchair. During this time, drink one throat. The effect of the «medicine dropper» will cause the kidneys and liver to work better. Minus method — have to run to the bathroom several times a night. Plus by drinking one liter would be displayed twice. In one night you can lose 1.5-2 kg, to get rid of edema puffiness. The duration of the cleanse — 2-4 days, then the result will be noticeable.

Какие средства для похудения используют в спортивной медицине

The key to the diet — smaller meals

Athletes, gymnasts and coaches are trying not to starve, even when you want to lose 2-3 kg of excess weight. They use the diet principles of fractional power. The ideal option is to eat 5-6 small meals a day, keeping the recommendations of nutritionists. At moderate exercise daily caloric content of food should not exceed 1400-1500 calories.

Pure protein

Athletes doctors often suggest them for weight loss replace one of the suitable meals 35-40 grams of protein or isolate. Protein is a pure protein extracted from useful products (meat, eggs, soy). To isolate the carbohydrate is zero. Tasteless powder diluted with water, drink after workouts, intensive exercise. Minus the drink taste good, plus protein shake completely saturates the body.

Comprehensive (combined) protein

Complex protein — another invention for the athletes of the achievements of medicine. It consists of casein (slowly absorbed by the body), whey (gives feeling of fullness) and normal protein (often cottage cheese protein). After taking the cocktail you will not experience hunger for seven hours. The effect of this complex protein surpasses the results from taking fat burners and blockers fat.

Meal replacement

These drugs contain the correct proportions of carbohydrates, vitamine complexes, protein compounds, other excipients. They can replace one meal. Plus the fact that you can use substitutes during intense training, travel and long journeys. They are almost completely absorbed, do not give heavy load on the gastrointestinal tract.

If you use any funds from the development of sports medicine is to remember that is only safe to lose 1-2 kg in a month. This approach will allow to consolidate the result, will not allow the extra pounds to come back. Another rule of the use of fat loss creams and regular exercise, exercise.

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