How to get rid of acne on face and body

Women always try to avoid this unpleasant cosmetic defect like spots on the body. To get rid of them is not easy, because the pimples can appear on various causes that you need to learn before you start fighting the problem.

Как избавиться от прыщей на лице и теле


1. Sometimes body acne occur because of any serious illness or during hormonal failure. In such cases the whole body, and there are a variety of rashes that are difficult to resolve just with the help of cosmetic procedures.

2. Included in the daily menu of products harmful to health, and improper food, eating that food that contains almost no nutrients – all contribute to the deterioration of the skin on the body. The body of this food quickly salakavala and toxins are eliminated only gradually through the skin.

3. If acne was the result of slagging of the body, to eliminate this cosmetic defect is only one way – by replacing harmful products, healthy food, low fat dairy drinks, green tea, and citrus.

4. Helpful in your diet to include food that a sufficient quantity of vitamins of group In, because these elements are important to improve the condition of the skin, betraying her velvety and healthy appearance.

5. In order for the skin not only on face but body was always in perfect condition, you need to drink daily at least two liters of water. Water nourishes the skin and all cells of the body with moisture, eliminates toxic substances.

6. The skin on the body always remained clean and it was not formed pimples, it is recommended to use during hygiene mild soap that does not contain aggressive components.

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