Than to replace pills

There are situations when the use of drugs is inevitable — it is a serious infectious disease, various neoplasms, the consequences of heart attacks and strokes and so on. But as said our grandmothers, tablets treat one, and another maimed, and indeed they are right, in some cases you can do without drugs. In what situations tableted drugs can replace food?

Чем заменить таблетки

Many people know that certain foods contain vitamins and minerals a lot more than the tablets from the packs or jars. And assimilate they do much better. For example, bananas are a great help to cope with depression, melancholy, insomnia and spasms in the muscles, onions and garlic help colds, potato juice removes excess acidity and many more. In addition, there are lots of products the therapeutic properties of which are unknown to most people.

Premenstrual syndrome

When hormonal imbalance before the critical days many women can be overly aggressive or on the contrary suppressed, in such situations, the real salvation would be the almonds. It is in large quantities contains vitamin B2, which can have a sedative effect, is involved in the formation of the hormone of joy and happiness, helps to relieve muscle spasms. 100 g almonds covers 50% of the daily requirement of vitamin B. Almonds can be eaten as a separate dish, and can be added to cereal, yogurt, desserts and more.


In addition to drugs that can be purchased at the pharmacy, the most popular remedy for heartburn is baking soda, but its frequent use is contraindicated. Occasional heartburn will help to manage regular beans due to the large amount of fiber. People who regularly eat legumes, suffering from heartburn for 20% less of those who refuse to peas and beans.


Migraine is one of the varieties of headache, when pain is localized to a specific point, for example, in the temple, the occiput or into the frontal lobe. To get rid of these headaches is not easy, often in the course are the strongest analgesics, but the benefits they bring is a bit. To relieve pain in migraine, sufficient daily use of pumpkin seeds in an amount of about half a Cup. This amount of seed covers your daily requirement for magnesium, deficiency of which causes headaches.


With frequent flights, alternates when changing time zones, it is recommended to eat sour cherries, which contain melatonin — the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms.

Muscle pain

Any muscle pain, especially those that occur after strenuous work or exercise will help eliminate the ginger due to the presence of gingerol. This substance gives the ginger a bitter burning taste. In addition to analgesic effect, ginger helps with nausea, motion sickness in transport, improves digestion and stimulates the immune system. Of ginger, you can prepare beverages or add it to main dishes.


The inability to fall asleep and time to sleep properly can be triggered by various factors. This problem will cope kiwi, 1-2 fruit, used nightly, will help make sleep more continuous and of high quality. Do not have to use kiwi in its pure form, it can be added to fruit salads, smoothies, mashed potatoes, pastries.

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