How to treat chickenpox in adults

In the world there are diseases that are best to be had in childhood. Such diseases include measles, mumps, chicken pox. Children suffer these diseases in a mild form, than they are in adults.

Как лечить ветрянку у взрослых людей

Once an adult, the virus diseases are very aggressive because humans have no developed immunity against them.

An adult can expect abundant rash, extremely high fever, pain when swallowing and General fatigue.

Is not necessary to consider chicken pox a dangerous disease, but highly contagious, Yes. If diagnosed with chicken pox, throughout the duration of the disease, and it is about 14 days leaving the house is impossible. You need to maintain the quarantine. It is understood that you can become the source of new patients, and maybe even a small epidemic.

A rash will appear all over the body: arms, legs, torso. Is no exception the face, the scalp, mucous membrane of the mouth and perineum. After some time, the rash will evolve and appear blisters. This whole process will be accompanied by terrible itching, which would be very difficult to endure. To how patient people will be will depend on the condition of the skin after an illness. Combed the wounds leave scars on the body and deepening. If people showed restraint and blisters passed in a natural way, the body is left without damage.

Doctors recommend to lubricate the blisters «green paint» or fokalna. These funds dried blisters and obezzarajivatei wounds.

The symptoms and treatment of chickenpox

During the onset of the rash should not take baths. Permissible conduct personal hygiene. To facilitate the patient he prescribed the treatment. He acts for many people as a sedative, so the patient would be better to sleep, rather than deal with the itching and the blisters hurt.

By the end of the second week the blisters will fall off a little, a crust will start to dry out and then crumble. In the former blisters formed new pink skin. At this stage is not in anyone case not to tear off the sores, because in their place there may be scars. And on the area of the hairline and will not be renewed new hair growth. So it is better again to exercise patience.

In the course of a month or a little more skin on the site of the former blisters will be different in a lighter shade, but it will take another couple of months and from the former disease, but memories will remain and a trace. More likely to get infected for chickenpox in the last week of the incubation period or in the first week of the disease. Noticed that most chicken pox suffer from the fall-winter.

If a person is ill with chickenpox in childhood, it is further immune to this disease, and again it ill he can’t.

It is also worth to emphasize the fact that if an adult becomes ill with chicken pox, he will have to endure a two-week struggle with aggressive disease, which is accompanied by severe intoxication, fever a long and high probability of suppuration. If chickenpox are ill pregnant woman, the situation is much more complicated possible influence on fetal development, pregnancy and labor.

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