How do you know the rating system Windows 10

Argue that Microsoft has removed the tool that carried out the rating system, actually it is not. Windows 10 lost output on the control panel, but the code and the files remained in place. So, you can see them. Before you can understand how to learn the rating system Windows 10, you need to understand what it is.

Как узнать оценку системы Windows 10

Rating system or performance index is to define configuration options and software of your computer. The score is displayed in the total. The higher the base number, the more powerful the computer, the higher the speed of its work. Knowing the details, in an electronics store it is easy to determine the quality of the product.

How to find out the performance index

Before you open the program, make sure the laptop is plugged in. Operating from the internal battery, the technique tries to preserve as much energy that can adversely affect performance.

If you are upgrading you do not see results – check disk memory – suddenly it’s filled?

Complications can occur if outdated display driver or no multimedia support.

What is the assessment of the most optimal:

  • High subotenko of memory and CPU need to work with texts, tables. For graphics (2.0 and above);
  • Games, apps require at least 3.0;
  • For recording programs 3, 0 and above.

The highest performance rating of 9.9, the lesser of 1.0.

To find out the valuation using directory PowerShell you need to find it in programs, click on the file Windows PowerShell, and then on the «advanced» button and confirm the action by clicking on «run as administrator». The same command can be set in line with Yandex, but the result is in the line you do not open, unlike the first embodiment.

Once in PowerShell window, type the following command winsat formal – restart clean, confirm the action by pressing the button enter. After this is to wait to perform the work according to the calculations of performance. The time counting will take no more than 5 minutes. After a search you need to find the mass of the text %SystemRoot%PerformanceWinSATDataStore in which you want to find the heaviest document of all Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT.xml. The resulting file, paste in the search string between the tags will appear all the necessary information.

Как узнать оценку системы Windows 10

Viewer rating can be done using free utilities. Utility WinSAT(in Russian language) you need to download to your computer, extract and run the file. Installation on hard disk is not required. After download will be immediately available the window with the data memory, CPU, or graphics data. For more information you can learn by clicking on the ellipsis.

Winaero WEI Tool (you can do a screenshot, but does not know Russian language), is a copy of the WinSAT utility, and is used on the same principle.

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