How to create invisible folder in Windows 7

The safety of personal data on the computer has always demanded special attention. Not only hackers can attempt to steal valuable files, people sometimes do not mind to Snoop.

Как создать невидимую папку в Windows 7

The broad functionality of Windows 7 allows you to create a folder, label and whose name will not be displayed on the screen. To make the folder invisible, you can use several methods: the capabilities of the operating system or third-party software.

Method 1: system features

Right mouse click on the desktop space and call the window context menu. In it, select «new folder». On the desktop a new folder with the same name. Erase the name of the folder and leave the active field: the cursor must blink in the input form names. Hold down the Alt key, then clicking on the digital keyboard module +255 complete command input. The result should be Alt+255. Folder is created with the anonymity, it becomes a label without a name. However, the icon continues to be visible.

In order to make the folder hidden, go to its properties. Click on «customize» then «change icon». From the options you must choose an empty space and click «OK».

Now the folder is hidden from prying eyes. So can it hold the confidential information available only to you.

Method 2: using third party software

A small free utility TrueCrypt is the best software for data encryption and is available for download on the official website. The desired level of protection of personal files is easily configured through a simple interface.

Utility to create an «encrypted file container» in the next window check the box next to «hidden TrueCrypt volume» and specify the directory for the hidden folder. In the settings of the encryption utility asks to create a password.

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