What to do if the laptop is not working

Modern laptops, certainly, are reliable. But break sometimes, they still can. Of course, to understand when that occurs, the device and try to fix it yourself without proper knowledge you should not. But don’t fall in panic. Electronics — equipment complex. But its repair, of course, possible in most cases. Moreover, the problem may not be as serious as it seems at first glance.

Что делать, если ноутбук не работает

So what do you do if the laptop is not working? The procedure in this case depends, of course, first and foremost, on what exactly caused the problem.

The device does not turn on at all

In this case, the problem may be:

  • In a faulty battery. Just try to remove it from the laptop and connect the device to the network. If the laptop works, it’s really in the battery. In order to solve the problem, in this case, just replace it.
  • In a faulty motherboard. Self-diagnose this problem, unfortunately, are unlikely to succeed. Will have to carry the laptop to a specialist.
  • The failure of the power supply. In this case, the check can be performed by connecting another unit.
  • Also such problems with a laptop can occur due to a faulty BIOS chip, damage of the power connector, faulty bridges, failure of Multicontroller. In all these cases, the device is likely to be incurred in service.

    Do not turn on the screen

    In this case, you should first try to connect an external monitor. If it will work, then the problem is likely to be a matrix. It will have to be replaced at the service center. Sometimes the cause of this problem is the inverter.

    Why doesn’t the laptop: no initialization

    Sometimes it happens that the laptop is still switched on it lights up the indicator and it starts buzzing, but the initialization is not. In this case, the problem also lies in the hardware. In laptop:

    • may be damaged and the axle;
    • broken CPU or memory.

    Also, the reason of such behavior of the device may be the fault of the BIOS. What to do if the laptop is not working due to «internal» or BIOS? In all such cases will, of course, to consult a specialist.

    Loaded BIOS and that’s it

    This behavior is laptop also indicate any problem with his «stuffing.» If the user sees only a black screen with a blinking cursor or, for example, only the splash screen of the BIOS — in device, most likely, broke the South bridge or hard disk.

    What to do if the laptop is not working: problem with OS

    If the case prior to booting the operating system still comes, but at this point, the computer freezes or restarts, then the problem is most likely not in hardware, and infection. This problem can be resolved independently — by reinstalling the OS. To the specialist in this case is normally treated only when the laptop has very important information that I cannot lose.

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