How to install Ubuntu by yourself

Windows is by far the most popular to date operating system. However, unfortunately, the OS is paid and also quite expensive. And why PC users are often looking for a worthy alternative. You can install Ubuntu free sufficient quality and convenient operating system.

Как установить убунту самостоятельно

You will need

  • — flash drive;
  • — computer or laptop.


1. So let’s see how to install Ubuntu. To get started, download the ISO image with the necessary version of the OS from the official Ubuntu website. To do this, of course, is completely free. You can also download the program WinSetupFromUSB for your version of Windows.

2. Install flash drive into a working USB port. Run WinSetupFromUSB as administrator. In visiteuses window, select your flash drive. Install a Daw on point NFTS.

3. Click on the button next to Linux ISO. In the opened window, select the downloaded image of Ubuntu. Press Go and wait until the program finishes.

Как установить убунту самостоятельно

4. Thus you have created a bootable USB flash drive OS. Now let’s see how to install Ubuntu. To do this, turn off your laptop or computer. Then, without removing the flash drive, turn it back on. When starting enter the BIOS. To do this, press the desired button, depending on the model of your laptop or computer.

5. In the Boot tab, Boot Device Priority (often) set the disk priority to boot. Exit, saving the data.

6. After downloading you will see the welcome screen of Ubuntu. In the left menu, select the installation language, and in the «Install Ubuntu». Next, you will need to register the necessary settings in the following window and click on «Continue».

Как установить убунту самостоятельно

7. In the opened window, select the installation (next to the Windows or without it). Click «Continue». In the window that appears will allocate a place under the very Ubuntu and your future files. Click the «Install» button in the next window fill your personal data. Then again click «Continue».

8. Wait for installation and restart the computer. After installing Ubuntu with Windows, the next time you start PC you will see the OS selection menu. In this case, you need to select Ubuntu. With full overwrite and you will be taken to the interface of the OS.

9. Now you know how to install Ubuntu yourself. In the next for convenience, you can choose to put the computer somewhere more familiar working environment similar to Windows. This can be, for example, shell, LXDE, KDE, etc.

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