How to ensure your safety on social networks: what not to do

Not all realize that activity on the Internet can lead to serious problems and criminal responsibility. What you should not do on social networks and how to avoid scams and problems?

Как обеспечить себе безопасность в социальных сетях: то, чего делать не стоит

It was once the case. One man, very rich and boastful, loved to display their wealth. Like, let all jealous! On Facebook page he constantly published pictures of their brand new expensive cars. And at some point this person wrote on the wall that flies to the island. And he wrote, as usual, so everyone can hear, boasted! To let everyone know!

After a couple of weeks the major stops posting pictures of his luxurious life and «cease». What’s the matter? It turned out that their behavior in social networks he long ago attracted the robbers, and they literally «grazed». They knew the plan of his apartment, because the picture there was all the time. Know what car he drives, where he lives. They really waited for the rich man will fly away on vacation and write about it. And that’s when he loudly announced his departure, for the robbers it was a «green signal». They instantly «clean» his apartment and stole his favorite car. And major, returning home, actually left with nothing and with a deep sense of shame.

14 things, which in any case can not be done on social networks

  • Do not write in their posts with information that tells about your interests, activities, your personal data.

For example, «My favorite actor is the rock Johnson», «you can see me Here with best friend Alex». The fact is that when you make a Bank account, e-mail, there is always a code word. With it you can easily reset password and access. There are such questions as «mother’s Maiden name, Name of best childhood friend, Name your favorite actor» and so on.

And it often happened that the attackers actually «hijacked» accounts, including Bank, simply by using public information.

  • Do not post any posts and pictures related to your work or studies that reflect your negative attitude.

It’s either the track, or convey. Once the entire Internet had spread the story of how one flight attendant wrote that «Sukhoi Superjet» is nonsense (to put it mildly), not a machine. And the whole point is that she worked as a flight attendant, and its leadership found out about this record. The girl just got fired. So it is possible for blue to lose his job. That could work with the school. Write something bad about the employees, can deduct.

  • When you publish photos on a social network, please note that there is published and your geographical label.

By this mark, very easy to keep track of where you are now, you live or where your house is.

  • Do not post photos showing any evidence of prosperity, wealth, availability of some expensive things in the house.

Please note, even when the lottery is held, and the winner wins a huge amount, his name never released to society. You do not know who hit the jackpot, if the man himself announce it.

  • Don’t tell about your plans for the holiday and the weekend.

Here an example would be the story of major. Thieves and fraudsters can aim for even in ordinary people, poor and with modest assets.

  • Do not post photos of their tickets.

These tickets may be easily stolen, forged them by replacing the existing information. And then they can resell in order to completely divert suspicion from himself.

  • In any case, do not «Shine» card.

One well-known blogger just for a second during the live broadcast showed his card by accident, and then went the flow of messages on the phone. Just people in the card number has begun to try to make payments or withdraw funds.

  • Don’t send your personal photos into correspondence with people who know little.

There is a common scheme criminals: they create a about page, handsome or beauty and start texting people. Some are conducted, and this leads to disastrous outcomes.

  • Do not publish your date of birth.

This is also private information that could be used for hacking account different schemes of cyber criminals.

  • In any case, do not leave entries with different threats, even if they are comic. This entails criminal liability.

For example, one American student page on the social network wrote the message: «My dream is to kill enough people to get it in the news». For him it was a joke, but this story ended is not funny. The police tracked down and arrested directly during class. Full of such examples not only in America but in our country.

  • Put it on the network any information, if you are in a state of altered consciousness, either severely strained or relaxed.

There are special applications that you block access to the phone, if you have not passed a sobriety test.

  • Do not make reposts of «inciting» records.

Nowadays repost already can be equated to the post, and even in Russia it is really can be arrested.

  • Do not publish your personal cell phone number.

This is personal information. With rooms you can learn all the passport data, to intercept the messages coming to the phone (including security codes).

  • Don’t share it on your page information about your extreme hobby, don’t write extreme statements don’t tell about their bad habits.

In some Western countries have actively used the practice when insurance companies or banks when issuing loans to analyze a person’s profile in social networks. And if he smokes in the pictures, and when applying said otherwise, then it can be a problem.

Also, when you try to take the credit you can refuse, if the page will find records that Express the opposite attitude to the banks and their employees. In our country are already beginning to experimentally implement such a practice.

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