Which blocks includes a Landing Page

Long Landing Page again in the trend. Marketers have begun to realize that short landing light is not as effective from the point of view of conversion than the long version. Indeed, a large number of useful text is a compelling motivating factor. Long landing pages in many cases are more conversion. But like a «sheet» to organize content?

Какие блоки включает Landing Page

What are the essential components of structuring a long landing page that will maximize conversion? For example, the landing page on the topic of «Marketing techniques» may consist of 30 thousand words. Will it be effective? So the 6 main elements of the landing page, located in the order they appear when scrolling promo pages.

1. The title of the landing page

This is the most noticeable and important detail landing pages (long and short). The title sells them, and he must always be at the top of the landing page.

The size of the header is crucial. The first premise must be greater than all the other fonts on the landing page. But this does not mean that the height of the font of the title is fundamental. Its content is equally important. If not more.

And the reason is simple. Often, the main idea of an informative and meaningful title has stronger effect than its location on the page. The title of the Landing Page, from which it is clear what will be discussed, performs its tasks by 100%. After all, if the user will have the ability to immediately see and read the main thesis of the page (i.e. your title), it will increase the level of trust to all that is written below. And, perhaps, will lead to a rapid decision.

If the visitor of the page header doesn’t understand what’s expected of him, he find it difficult to agree with your suggestion… And it may have negative consequences.

First and foremost, test your headlines for your Landing Page. And then move on to the next items.

This example consists of two landing pages with different contents, including different meanings of headlines. Page And had a stable conversion of the 3%.

Какие блоки включает Landing Page

By properly selected header-explanations in example B the conversion of the landing page increased to 18.7%.

Какие блоки включает Landing Page

Remember, the title creates the first impression about the page. It is your only chance to interest the user enough to stay on the page and read the other arguments… And made the order.

2. Subtitle

Everyone, even the most successful title should be accompanied by subtitle. The second is needed to clarify the first. He seems convex all the advantages of a Central message. The subtitle needs to stand under the main header. They work great in pairs.

3. Image

Each long landing page needs an image. Images or photos should be placed in the upper part of the landing page. However, again, all individually and requires A/B testing. First and foremost, you should test the page without images and with him. By the way, the picture can indicate where to look.

In the above example, the picture of a man personifiziert landing page and allows you to quickly establish contact with the user. Although most test selling pages confirms the effectiveness of the placement of ONE object on the left side of the screen, this version of the landing page does not fit into the rules and with the «wrong» position shows the maximum conversion.

The landing page can decorate and fullscreen image — from edge to edge of the page. Long landing pages are best suited for this. Thus, the picture fills the screen and becomes the main argument to motivate visitors to action.

4. Video on landing page

A powerful tool to increase conversion Landing Page can be a video. Well filmed movie or video presentation increases the ratio of CTR. However, this element should not be the only on the landing page. So, landing with only one video have lower conversion rates. To the conversion of growing up, the video should complement the contents.

The best place for an embedded video above the line under which the page is no longer visible. That is, getting on the landing page, the user needs to be able to click on Play (of course, if your video will not play automatically).

5. A brief summary (persuasive arguments)

The above are just some of the working elements of the landing page. But none of them makes the target/landing page so long.

What to place at the point, followed by a sequel? Again, on the border with the second page should not be anything excessive. Here you should explain what the product or service you represent and what it is unique. Just 3-5 sentences. Persuasive arguments lead to a purchase.

6. A call to action

Place the CTA-element (button, subscription form, etc.) as high as possible, directly on the first screen. You definitely will drop the users who want to push the button immediately. You cannot miss this opportunity. Give customers a tool to make the purchase without hesitation.

Scrollable landing page the Landing Page is not just a lot of content which is important. It is also working elements, properly filed the semantic units that overlap all the objections of the buyer, contributing to increase conversions.

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