How without fear to learn to swim

I’m sure many of those who are afraid of water would like to know how to overcome your fear. This article is for those who want to go with water.

Как без страха научиться плавать

Fear of water — inherently sense in man. Water is the element that becomes such when a lot of it. For example, river or sea, where feet do not reach the bottom.

Many people learn to swim in childhood, when it is possible to swim in the river, lake or in the sea. But some people are deprived of such opportunities, and someone generally terrified of water.

No matter which category you belong to, to swim, you can learn at any age. The main thing — to overcome the fear of water. For this you need to learn some rules.

First — first to learn to swim in shallow water.

Second, you must dip your head into the water and see the bottom. You can even try to dive in shallow water. To wear special glasses through which you can explore the bottom, which is not so terrible as it seems. So it will be easier to get used to the water.

The third is the actual teaching swimming. For this you need to go into the water, simultaneously moving arms and legs like a frog. Moreover, the movement of the hands and feet must be simultaneous. You can even look like ordinary frogs swim, then the swimming technique will be more clear.

The head should be lower down, about so that the chin touched the water or been in it. The only way to achieve the maximum straightening of the body, and, therefore, more easily retain water. Here the main thing — in any case not to be afraid. Even if you feel that you are drowning, you still try to take a boat ride (of course, all this must be done in shallow water). And force yourself to train more.

Another rule is to be sure to relax on the water. The more relaxed the body is, the easier it is to stay afloat and, accordingly, to swim.

And another tip: take yourself an assistant of someone from relatives or loved ones who know how to swim well. So it will be easier to understand your swimming technique and you can have a little support in the water at the beginning of training. If possible, you can learn in the shallow pool.

To learn how to swim simply, the main thing — to overcome the fear of water. And believe me, it’s not that hard. Fun sailing!

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