How to catch up on the bar more than its limit

The technique that you can apply in various competitions for the best performance. You, without even waiting to catch up more than usual and know your real maximum number of repetitions.

Как подтянуться на турнике больше своего предела

This information will suit everyone: those who pulled a small number of repetitions, and those with already high results. Generally professionals and advanced already has its own scheme successful performance at the competitions. And if you are one of those who have not made it, then it is time to think to do it. Want to surprise yourself and to catch up more time? Read and apply this method! The result will impress you!

It should be noted that this article is not about how to pump, and how to «squeeze» the maximum out of ourselves and do more reps than you can. Although, if you practice it more frequently and wisely, it is possible to put on muscle and increase strength.

So, 6 tips to increase the number of pull-UPS on the bar.

1. Before you approach pull-UPS for max should be a good warm up (although it’s obvious). Consider how to do it right.

Do not think that the bar is better not to hang! On the contrary, the whole point is that you have 5 minutes before the show to do two approaches at intervals of 3 minutes. If tightened, for example, 15, do 2 sets of 5 times (break between 3 minutes). If 30 times – do 10. That is, it is one third (1/3) of the maximum.

This will be the warm-up.

2.In any case, don’t squeeze the bar hard!

Some suggest to do so, but this is incorrect. When you «grabbed» in the bar struggled to, you will quickly clogged forearm and needless to strain the biceps. This has a negative impact on the result.

For example, a person can usually do 20 reps at maximum. If he squeeze the bar hard times after the tenth he will have to «whine» radius. Agree, it is useless to you.

You need to hang in a relaxed way, stay as weaker. But do not overdo it, because then it’ll just slide off. Find your «Golden middle». Believe me, this is very useful!

The combined events are often allowed to pull only the top grip. There are 2 options how to grasp (choose the most appropriate way).

The classic top– with the girth of the crossbar with his thumb. Standard.

«Monkey»— without the girth with the thumb. In this position, the least clogged of the forearm.

3. The positive phase.

At the start, you should catch up rapidly. Means no jerks and swinging, with no one to count!

Just need rapidly, but purely to start pulling up to develop some of the inertial speed. It will help preserve energy resources while achieving the best result you need a lot.

Don’t pull up evenly on speed – will the extra costs of power.

4.The negative phase.

In this phase you need to almost completely relax the muscles, especially the biceps and the back. To do this, go down rapidly. Just don’t fall and fall.

Here, as in the positive phase, the challenge of maximum economy of muscular energy.

5. Even if you do a lot of catch up at the beginning of the approach do not make the mistake many do not pull up quickly.

That is, after the repeat, don’t start immediately to give energy to enter the cell. Dropping down, make a small pause (0,5-1 sec) and fully relax!

6. Learn to carry most of the load from the biceps to the back and Vice versa.

Pullups on your biceps is pulling closer to the bar, and on the back – far from her, leaning back. It is very important to feel that you have hammered more. For example, if the biceps, it is best to alternate: closer to the bar, then pull away.

Due to the fact that one muscle group is strained more than the other, one of them has a little rest.

Use these tips, make a suitable tactic that will be more effective and apply it! You are guaranteed to catch more than myself expect.

Don’t forget to train, friends! And most importantly – do it wisely. Remember that one day high results don’t come, it takes time and work. As Kris said Heria, «For the perfect equipment need a perfect practice.»

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