What are the advantages of ceramic smartphone

When you create a case for your smartphone is usually chosen aluminium, plastic or glass. Often used inserts of rubber to protect the device from impacts. But how often do the stores you can see a smartphone with a ceramic body? The answer is no, although they do exist! But the wide proliferation of smartphones and the ceramic is still there.

Какие преимущества у керамических смартфонов

The pros and cons of ceramic

The last ten years many have tried to use ceramics in the establishment of housing for a smartphone. But for working with ceramics requires reliable tools, because the material is very fragile. But the technology is not standing still and ceramic case it is possible to create. But all the popular companies and made from the usual materials. Why do ceramics for this still no good?

In fact, ceramics can be processed so that it will be stronger than glass almost in two times. And scratches on not to leave problematic. And if you drop this case, the probability of it very low. And unlike glass ceramics not so much slip in your hand.

It was all ceramic advantages of smartphones, but not without drawbacks. For example:

  • This case is expensive to make due to the large number of rejected instances.
  • The poor thermal conductivity;
  • Housing there in black and white, and that not all buyers taste.

Therefore, these smartphones are produced rarely. But still they exist and they can even be purchased!

Selection of ceramic smartphone

Most actively these smartphones were released by the company Xiaomi. Of course, on the flow it is not set. They released Mi 6 Ceramic Edition in early 2017. Yes, the Russian retail is not got a Chinese phone, but can be booked in the online shops. The main difference is the case itself. But even dual camera smartphone decorated with gold in 18 Karat. Built-in memory is 128 GB.

Mi Mix 2 – is also a popular smartphone from Chinese brand Saami. It is frameless and there he and a version with a ceramic body. A great display – 6-inch. Frame around the screen, but they are minimized. The main drawback of the smartphone for buyers is its price.

But the company OnePlus decided to launch EN masse like this interesting smartphone. It happened in 2015. A small edition of the OnePlus X Ceramic Edition was sold out quickly. But now you can try to find at dealers.


Now you know what are the benefits of the ceramic body of the smartphone. Of course, mass they will be soon, if at all. After all, it is not yet clear, have you assessed the innovation and the buyers themselves if they need ceramic housings instead of the more familiar buildings.

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