Why the need for a docking station for smartphones

Has long been the docking station are among the popular accessories for smartphones. Each manufacturer in the priority is to make sure that his smartphone was the most convenient to use. At the time, even Nokia has started to deliver their devices at once with the dock included. The convenience of this accessory is undeniable, but what are its characteristics and how to choose?

Для чего нужна док-станция для смартфонов

Why the need for a docking station

It serves as a charger and convenient cradle. You put your smartphone in a specific area, inserting the accessory connector in the right connector. In the end, the machine is placed stably while being charged. You can optionally dock to install any applications at the time of charging to the mobile output desired information such as time, date, weather, etc. Very often, the docking station can be found in offices – on the desktop of the smartphone in this form becomes more useful.

Some docking stations are already more functions. In this respect distinguished products for Samsung. The first thing I want to mention Samsung DeX is a very expensive docking station that turns the smartphone into a real computer, allowing you to connect the keyboard, mouse, monitor. There are options with built-in audio.

Often have docking stations for smartphones on Android there’s only a seat. But you can find unique models: the possibility of simultaneous charging of two or more smartphones. A good option if you have a lack of outlets.

Options for tablets

But for the tablet PC docking station are somewhat different. It is a small detachable keyboard – with her «tablet» will be like a real notebook. Is this docking station and of the additional connector of the battery. Easier just to buy a tablet with such a gadget, than to look for it separately. Often the Windows tablets have the version with the keyboard. But tablets on the Android complement this keyboard infrequently.

How to choose a dock

If you have a Samsung smartphone, you should choose DeX, although in this gadget and the high price. But this option is appropriate if you need to connect the device to the monitor. And so it is possible to do versatile docking options – they are sold in Russian stores, but you can easily order the Chinese exchanges, for example, offers on Aliexpress.

But remember that the universal accessory is called so – in fact it is not universal. Have docking station for iPhone should be the Lightning connector. There are options for USB Type-C and micro-USB. If you have a smart watch, look for a combined docking station with two platforms for phone and hours.


Now, many manufacturers produce a variety dock. But often they just repeat each other’s functionality, the main difference lies only in the design of the stations. Therefore, the choice of this accessory is not necessarily a problem only if you are looking for a truly unique model with built-in speakers or some kind of additional functions. And so it is possible to manage the purchase of suitable for your smartphone instance.

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