How to pay for your purchases with your smartphone

Technology which contactless payment complements the rich Arsenal of the capabilities of modern smartphones. More and more shoppers leave their wallets at home and feel free to go shopping in the nearest supermarket, choosing as a means to pay for your phone.

Как оплачивать покупки с помощью смартфона

First we need to make sure, gave the manufacturer your smartphone contactless payment technology. Its presence can be judged by the acronym NFC in the characteristics of the gadget.

How to set

Depending on the device you use, the name of the payment application will be different. Apple pay to IOS devices, Android pay for mobile gadgets based on Android andSamsung pay — for devices with the same name.

All that is required to configure to bind to the application Bank credit or debit card will be debited at the time of payment.

How this technology works

When there are two NFC-compatible devices within range of each other, they can transmit payment information from one to another. This is similar to how it works Bluetooth, but NFC works on short distances and uses less energy.

To make a payment with your smartphone with a NFC module needs to be equipped with himself the payment terminal. Readers are able to accept payment by smartphone in addition to shops, have been successfully used in the subway.

For payment you must hold the phone-enabled payment app at minimum distance to terminal (no more than 10 cm), and tap on the shortcut to the charge.

How secure is the payment details

Of course, the danger of theft of payment data exists, but it is so insignificant that the scope of this article it is just a couple of sentences. The technology involves contact between two devices at a very close distance from each other. A potential attacker needs to have time to bring your reader to your smartphone at the time of payment, for a distance of not more than 10 cm, you hardly won’t notice.

The rest of the time keeping function is active does not make sense. All thoughts about the danger of using NFC is nothing more than speculating on the fears of ordinary users and a simple search of information about it.

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