How do you know that watching you through the phone

It is no secret that with the help of special software installed on your phone, you can easily locate a person. But how do you know that watching you through your phone without your consent if there are special numbers that evaluates to a brazen spy?

Как узнать, что за вами следят через телефон

Surveillance is a necessity if control is required for an elderly grandmother or first grade. To install the geolocation, it is sufficient to connect the service via a mobile operator and you will get all the information on demand via SMS message. Search for a person in distress, is also significantly easier, if his cell will be connected to the search program. In order to obtain the relevant data required the consent of the subscriber. But what if you didn’t want to become the object of close observation, and a sense that you are being followed, becoming stronger?

The whole point is that consent to tracking some mobile operators, you can confirm once, and then «beacons» will be coming without any alerts. In pursuit of the truth, a jealous wife confirm the request, while their husbands are sleeping or distracted by the Affairs. Sometimes this self is happiness. Before doing something, think what can turn ugly thing.

Social network pretty much talking about the person. Some users are willing to put phone numbers on page of Vkontakte or Classmates, connect the geolocation on the map than skillfully used by the fraudsters, who decided to profit on the naivety of the people for their own purposes. Production information can be compared with a tangle – it is necessary to grasp the thread a little, and sooner or later unravel the whole tangle: passwords, card numbers, addresses, financial status, personal photos can go on public display. Don’t talk about yourself more than it should, so be careful.

How to detect surveillance

Discover a secret control by dialing a special code.

#21# — use this number to find out who secretly you’ve connected your phone to geolocation. It’s simple – the display will show the numbers that immediately flow all the data about your movements.

Tip: do not save passwords from the cards and social networking gadgets. If a bad person gets hold of your phone, there is a risk of losing the money. A lost phone can be find using IMEI – special private rooms that is easy to learn, typing the digits *# 06#.

To see hidden incoming call, dial *#30#.

A universal method to detect surveillance using «code James bond» requires utilities (Netmonitor).

Available combination of numbers for Android: *# *# 4636#*#* and * # * # 197328640 # * # *

Where to start:

Tab UMTS Cell Environment-UMTS RR info open and copy out of the room (Cell ID). Your phone connects to that number, which will have a more powerful signal’s range. After connection, return to the menu. Using MM info go to the Serving PLMN and record the number under the code LAC. Enter the numbers on a special web site that shows what cell you are connected to. If the signal goes to a small station (Trucks, covered trucks, mini substation), the probable risk of interception.

To protect yourself, disable the call forwarding number ## 002#. Activating the service before you enable roaming, you can avoid unnecessary spending (all calls on roaming usually go to voice mail, but disabling the redirect will not happen).

The combination *# 62# — allows you to see where messages are sent and the call after forwarding. Most often, the default information is leaving your mobile carrier (on the basis of these data, employees of cellular telephone service make the detail of calls).

To avoid password hacking or espionage, do not download suspicious programs, don’t open unknown links, periodically check the phone for viruses. The concern about safety is paramount, but do not drive yourself crazy – don’t suspect everyone. If you will take law enforcement surveillance and you will not feel as if this is not wanted. For added protection, use a Telegram messengers or Signal.

Как узнать, что за вами следят через телефон

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