How to achieve the hair density at home

Many girls want to increase the length and density of hair. And not everyone can afford expensive treatments from a professional masters. In this regard, the question arises: how to achieve salon results at home?

Как добиться густоты волос в домашних условиях

Causes weakness and hair loss

There are several factors that affect hair loss:

  • The wash head, which you chose not suitable for your type of hair and skin.
  • The use of a hair dryer, straightener, Curling iron.
  • Too frequent coloring.
  • Stress.
  • Beriberi.

All of this leads to damage of the scalp and the hair.

How to return density

First of all, start with at least once a month to slowly cut off the split ends. This will greatly improve the condition of curls. Carefully select the shampoo and the mask. Also choose a more expensive hair dye, well-known brands more lenient formulations. If possible, dry hair naturally. And not superfluous to the use of heat tools.

In the winter time to wear hats! Low temperatures constrict the capillaries, for this reason the follicles does not get the necessary substances, the result is significant hair loss.

Vitamins for hair are very useful. Do not have to choose expensive drugs, can be limited to domestic drug Aevitum, which in the long term will make your hair thick and beautiful.

And of course diet, healthy sleep and exercise properly will affect the beauty of your hair.

Vegetable oil

Are the main assistants in the fight for the density. Using masks made from olive, burdock and castor oils, the scalp is saturated with nutrients, and the hair becomes more supple and protected. After the first application, a noticeable result. The recipe is simple: you need to your hair the amount of oil (can be one, or mix all three) slightly warmed and applied to the entire length of hair. Then cover your head with shower cap and towel to keep for 1.5 — 2 hours.

Vitamin PP

It also called nicotinic acid. Perfectly cope with the task of increasing the density, acceleration of hair growth. Purchased at any pharmacy. During the month massage every night for one ampoule to the scalp. Unfortunately, not very pleasant smell, but the results are worth it. The disadvantage is the possibility of Allergy.


One of the most effective masks. Mustard increases the blood flow, respectively, the hair grow faster. For cooking you need 2 tbsp. mustard and 1 tbsp sugar to mix with any oil and apply on the scalp, wait 10 minutes, rinse. Then be sure to apply moisturizing mask.

Colorless henna

Is a cheap means by your structure cover the hair with a film that protects it from adverse effects of nature. To prepare dilute henna with water and apply on hair. In 1.5 hours rinse.


Further enhances the effect of all previous funds. Every night for 10 minutes massage the head. It additionally will increase the blood flow. The duration of this massage 10 minutes.

As you can see, to make hair beautiful and lush, from the comfort of home just. The main thing regularity. Don’t be lazy, and in a month you will see an impressive result.

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