How to dye your hair yourself at home

Many of us dyed their hair and are constantly changing your image. Not to spend a lot of money, it is possible to carry out the dyeing procedure of the house, buying paint in stores. Should remember a few important rules to hair coloring at home is not over something sad.

Как покрасить волосы самостоятельно в домашних условиях

When painting at home is very important to start from the length of the hair. If the hair is long and voluminous, then you need to buy at least two and sometimes three packages of paint. Otherwise it is just not enough and the paint will be uneven. If you need to paint only the roots, it is enough one packing.

When choosing color you must consider your complexion of the face, natural shade of hair and their number. If hair is very small and they are thin, you don’t need to paint them black, chestnut, chocolate and other dark colors. Light skin will «look through» through the sparse hair and will result in aesthetic.

Once you have determined the length of hair, color of paint and number, it is possible to conduct a small test allergies. After preparing the mixture for staining, apply a drop of coloring composition on the inner side of the elbow and wait about 15-20 minutes. If the body did not appear allergic reaction, then this paint is for you.

Before proceeding to the staining, you should wear old clothes you do not mind to ruin. Indeed, when applied to hair, it can drip on the clothes. If this is not noticed immediately, the paint will color the fabric and the thing will be spoiled. If on the floor you have carpet, it is better to remove or obscure film.Как покрасить волосы самостоятельно в домашних условиях

Stir the paint is in a plastic container and be sure to use for the application of a special brush. Before you start staining, it is desirable to divide all hair into four parts, starting from front to back, then each part into two from the middle to each ear. Apply the paint you need first the roots, as this area requires more time for coloring, then distribute all the paint on the remaining length of hair. In any case, you cannot dye your hair slowly, otherwise the strands are a different color and over time, the composition loses its ability to be painted.

After the paint is completely applied on hair from roots to ends, you will need to wait strictly the amount of time that is specified in the instructions to the paint. In any case do not leave the dye on the hair longer. Nobody knows how to react to it your hair on the paint and what damage can be obtained in the case of non-compliance with specified time.

Before you wash the hair with shampoo, you need warm water to wash all the paint from the hair and then use detergent. After that it is recommended to use the balm or the conditioner that comes with dye. If not, then just apply to hair any other balm. This will soften the hair and they will be more nourished, because the paint still dries the hair.

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