How to care for skin in winter

In winter, the facial skin is most exposed to negative factors. To preserve the healthy condition necessary to observe a number of rules and recommendations.

Как ухаживать за кожей лица в зимний период

With the onset of winter cold, people wear warm jackets and wrap up in cosy scarves and hats. And only the skin remains unprotected and exposed to severe frosts, the piercing icy wind, prickly snow. Due to the sudden drop in temperature blood circulation and the natural production of sebum is reduced. Causing skin is dry and there is a feeling of tightness on the face. Some people in winter may encounter such problems as Allergy, cold and even frostbite.

To minimize the damage from inevitable natural conditions, it is necessary in the winter months to correct a system of care for the skin.

1. Cleansing should be softer. For these purposes it is better to choose alcohol-free and sulfate-free gel or lotion. You should avoid washing with hot water. It is wise to use warm water, and even better to alternate with cold. Winter application of moisturizer is better to move the evening hours or when there is no need to go outside. Nourishing cream for the winter period should be composed of at least one of these components: vitamin A, C, E, avocado oil, sea buckthorn seed or almond oil.

2. Particular attention in the skin care in winter should be given a protective cream. Apply for an hour or two before going outside, so that he had to step up their properties. This cream should have a thick consistency and is well absorbed. Protective creams are based on fats of vegetable and animal origin. Some possible ingredients: petroleum jelly, glycerin, natural oils of jojoba, avocado, pork fat and also extracts of chamomile and calendula. When the protective cream is absorbed, you can apply Foundation or powder. Democker well using products containing cocoa butter or wheat germ.

3. A couple of times a week it is advisable to apply a nourishing mask. Useful are masks as fruit and prepared on the basis of dairy products. Need to discard the scrubs, so as not to injure the already changed skin structure. Appropriate to be creamy peeling without abrasive components and paraffin.

4. To lips does not lose its elasticity and does not crack from frost, you should get a hygienic moisturising lipstick with vitamin E.

5. Do not forget in the winter months on the correct drinking regime and a balanced diet. The diet must include more of fatty acids omega 3, dried fruit, dairy products, citrus, nuts. You can drink a course of vitamins.

All this will help to maintain radiant and healthy looking skin during the cold season.

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