What care need skin in the winter

With the onset of cold weather and the beginning of work of heating devices, we begin a desperate struggle for the health of our skin. The dry air created by heating systems, adversely affects our skin, depriving it of moisture.

Какой уход нужен коже зимой

Due to the lack of adequate moisture on the surface of the skin there are microscopic cracks. These unprotected wounds can become breeding grounds for all kinds of infections. Excessively dry skin can trigger different skin diseases on the body and face. Start to care for the skin right now, and after a few months from skin problems will not be over. Follow the simple tips and you are fully prepared meet the winter cold.

Reducing showering

In the cold time of year, many of us are trying to extend the time for taking a shower or bath. This is wrong! Doctors dermatologists recommend not to abuse the long and frequent washing. Instead, they recommend:

1. To reduce the time spent in the shower;
2. Wash the body with warm, not hot water;
3. To abandon aggressive detergents, replacing them with more gentle;
4. Not wipe, and to wipe the body dry and clean towel;
5. Apply moisturizer to damp skin.

Nourished skin

With the changing weather conditions it is necessary to reconsider the approach to skin hydration. In winter, it needs maximum nutrition. Regularly use creams and lotions. It is best to moisturize the skin immediately after washing.

Wear the right clothes

Clothing is something with which our skin comes in contact during the day. Choose clothes made from soft, breathable fabrics. Avoid wearing too tight clothes as they can cause irritation.

The humidified air

Too dry air in the room harmful to the skin. If the level of humidity below 40%, the doctors recommended to humidify the air.
To achieve the desired level of humidity you can use a humidifier, and you can just put a wide bowl of water near the radiator.

Take care of your health

Various infectious and viral diseases worsen the condition of the skin. Watch your health, eat right and drink more water. Morning exercise and proper rest will help boost immunity, and improve health.

Keep yourself in their hands

Constant emotional tension and stress are the enemies of beautiful skin. Scientists have proved that during stress, the skin’s ability to retain water is sharply reduced. Search for methods of dealing with stress. Yoga and meditation will help to distract from problems and restore emotional balance.

Watching the weight

Avoid fatty, sweet and spicy food. Excessive use of these products could negatively affect your skin. Eat right! Nutritionists suggest eating raw vegetables and fruits and also drink at least two liters of water a day.

Get rid of bad habits

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health and, consequently, worsen the skin condition. If you want the skin to stay longer young and beautiful, get rid of bad habits.

As you can see, the path to beauty and health of the skin is not so complicated. Take care of your skin, and then the result will not wait!

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