What should be a basic wardrobe

Basic closet are things universal cut and neutral colors from which you can create different combinations. See which clothing items should be in the wardrobe of any woman of any age.

Каким должен быть базовый гардероб


To every time have an important event, be it party, gala evening or a date, the question arose: «What shall I wear?», you need to have a versatile option – this little black dress. It is already several decades out of fashion and will be a perfect base for your holiday image.


Denim pants will become an integral part of the basic wardrobe, if you love style and comfort. Jeans will fit in almost any situation – we wear them while walking, traveling and at work. It is very important to choose a style that will hide flaws and emphasize dignity.

Pencil skirt

Today you can find hundreds of different styles of skirts, but always a classic is the pencil skirt. It harmoniously complement your look for the office or for a business meeting. Combine it with blouses, bright colors and high heels – strictly and tastefully.

Classic pants

It is the pants you can add variety to your office style. It is preferable to choose black pants, but it is not necessary. The main thing that they in harmony with the rest of the basic wardrobe and perfectly sitting on the figure. Remember that pants should be moderately long, namely to reach the middle of the heel.


A thin cashmere sweater can be easily combined with jeans and with dress pants. It will be warm in the cold autumn and winter evenings. It is recommended to acquire two or three sweaters and neutral colors and one bright to from time to time had the opportunity to brighten the gray days. That thing lasts as long as possible, you should choose products made of high-quality fabrics.

Don’t forget to buy quality boots, you can mix and match with skirts and dresses in the cold season. In the warm period choose pumps and flats, in neutral shades. Also an essential element of the basic wardrobe is a little black bag with a shoulder strap. If you detach, you can get a clutch.

Basic things are perfectly combined with each other and create a lot of variations for lossless images. To make your style more vivid and unique, you can add an accessory as an accent.

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