How to become like the heroine of the anime

Anime is becoming more popular in youth circles. Many young fans of anime are wondering how to become like anime characters. It is the power of every girl, you just have to determine the details of its future image.

Как стать похожей на героиню из аниме

Perhaps in our time have left people who don’t know what is anime. This genre of Japanese animation confidently sweeping the planet, conquering all the new cities and countries. Got anime to Russia, conquering the hearts of thousands of pupils and students. Anime is not only fantastic landscapes, but also an unusual story and an engrossing atmosphere. But still most of the audience are tempted by the beauty and finesse of the characters. Young spectators dream to be as fragile and pretty as the heroine of their favorite movies. How to be like anime heroines?

Look at the shape of anime girls and their appearance. It does not matter if you, at first glance, bears no resemblance to his painted idol. Enough just to want, and you will certainly succeed!

Let us examine the characteristic features of the appearance of anime heroines:

1. Straight hair and bangs. Of course, in the anime there are exceptions, and you can see there a girl with curly hair and no bangs, but this is rare. Typically, all girls have straight hair and bangs to eyebrows. If you have a different hairstyle, it is recommended to cut the bangs and straighten your hair, in order to be more like animeshka. By the way, the length of the hair may be different – not necessarily to grow hair to toe. In the anime equally met as long-haired characters, and characters with short hair.

2. Bright, unusual hair color. Again, there are exceptions everywhere, and in the anime you can see a lot of characters with a completely normal hair color – blonde, brunette or blond. But still, the anime certainly associated with bright hair color. So you will be able to attract more attention, and louder to assert yourself. There is room for your imagination is very wide – from bright pink and purple to green or blue. What your heart desires. It is possible to spot the desired shade of his beloved heroine.

3. Unusual hairstyle. Of course, does not necessarily build on the head of something unimaginable. Many of the heroines just loose hair. But we’re talking about getting people to look at you immediately thought about the anime. Therefore, you can make a simple but at the same time anime hairstyle. For example, quite common to see characters with two ponytails. No matter they are short or long. It is worth to pay attention to the accessories. You can use various bows, hair clips, especially if they have any cute elements – ruches, flowers. It dissolved the hair suit headbands with animal ears – cat or rabbit.

4. Shiny hair. As we can see, the heroines of anime hair always shiny. It is clear that such a light, as on the screen, it is almost impossible to achieve in real life, but to the ideal can be approached, especially picking up shampoos, balms and masks for hair. By the way, another small tip: if you have bad hair or have no time and desire to spend time with them all the above manipulations such as dyeing, shearing, etc., you can just buy a wig that may even be cheaper. Can also help and overhead strands.

5. The thin eyebrows of the same color with the hair. Animesex usually have a thin, sharp eyebrow, with a perfect contour color, matching the color of the hair. Everything is simple – visivite eyebrows according to your desired shape and color them with paint or pencil the desired color.

6. Large expressive eyes.Eyes – the most important part of the image of the anime character. If you have small eyes, don’t despair. Will help colored lenses that increase eyes and gives the eyes an unusual color. Also actively use makeup and false eyelashes. Anime makeup is aimed, primarily, at increasing visual eye, so paint it so that eyes appear bigger.

7. Flawless skin. Anime girl all, as one, have perfect skin no pimples, wrinkles and other imperfections. Therefore, you should pay attention to camouflage his own shortcomings. It will help You to Foundation, concealers, powder and other things that you use in everyday life to even out the skin.

8. Lips. Avoid bright and flashy colors of lipsticks, does not focus on the lips. All anime characters are very small mouth. You will suit pale pink, Nude lipstick, clear and peach-colored lip gloss.

9. Clothing. About the clothes can talk endlessly. In the anime, is very common the image of Schoolgirls. These girls are the most diverse school uniform: blazers or vest with a shirt and short, pleated skirt (plaid or solid). As a rule, high school girls still wear on the neck bow or cravat, which in color and texture combined with the skirt. Also, instead of a jacket and/or shirt the girls are wearing sailor suits. Possible option and school dresses. Also all the girls with school uniforms or any other clothing that combines socks and leggings that go perfectly with shoes «Mary Jane» or platform shoes.

10. Figure.Most animesex perfect figure without flaws, which is not found among the real girls. Look at their legs – they are twice as long as our. They have a wasp waist, with big Breasts and wide hips. Here we can do nothing, and do not need beautiful makeup and hair will do the trick will create an image of an anime girl. The only thing you can do is to disguise the imperfections of their figures with properly fitted clothes. If you think your legs are ugly – you don’t have to wear a short skirt. You can find in anime or manga heroines in lush doll dresses and borrow from them winning image. Universal tip: for a minimal time and money, try to find the main character most similar to you in appearance, if a collective image of anime girl you do not go out and build on it.

11. Accessories.In addition to hair clips, headbands with ears and bows, there are a lot of different anime accessory. This and tails – cat, Fox, squirrel, and handbags, cute soft toys and even live Pets – cats, dogs, hamsters. Select an accessory for the soul, and it will complement your look.

The problem is that all required for transformation is very difficult to find somewhere nearby. If you live in a big city, you can try your luck to find a specialized anime store to buy clothing or accessories. But if such a store in your locality are not available, the yield too. Look for things that are suited to your style and in traditional stores. Albeit infrequently, but something suitable can be found. Sew clothes for yourself, and if you can’t, ask your mom or grandmother sew, or go to the nearest Studio with your order. Order clothes and accessories on the Internet. There you will be able to find products to taste.

These simple ways can an ordinary girl turn into a charming cartoon doll, while not losing their individuality.

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