18 weeks pregnant: feeling the development of the fetus

18 weeks pregnant — this is one of the most comfortable weeks in the life of the expectant mother. The entire second trimester pregnant woman usually is in high spirits and good mood. This is reflected in the baby.

18 недель беременности: ощущения, развитие плода

What happens to a woman at 18 weeks of pregnancy?

For women, this week could be one of the most memorable. Doctors believe that especially when you re pregnant 18 weeks expectant mother often feels the first stirring of her child in the womb. Do not be afraid if the baby has not yet made itself felt. This figure is not accurate. Perhaps as earlier and later feeling fetal movements. But this guide is useful to doctors, if you have not set the exact duration of pregnancy. The moment the first tremors of the baby is regarded by experts as a sign that a woman is on 18 obstetric week.

At this period women usually feel just fine. Weight shouldn’t increase much, stomach too small to interfere with the gait, and morning sickness should pass. But there are unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy at this period:

  • Pain in region of navel.
  • Heartburn. It occurs as a result of the fact that muscle ring between the stomach and the esophagus weakens.
  • Quite difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. As a result of possible lack of sleep.
  • The result of hormonal changes possible the appearance of dark spots on the décolleté and face pregnant.
  • The pressure may occasionally rise. If this occurs, you need to discuss with your doctor possible treatment of this problem.
  • Vision may be slightly worse.
  • In addition, almost all women in the obstetric period of 18 weeks complaining of frequent urination. Uterus is continuously growing and begins to put pressure on the bladder. This desire to escape «small» is likely to occur in pregnant the entire pregnancy until birth.

    In a woman’s blood throughout the pregnancy is at a high level the hormone progesterone. Up to 12 weeks of pregnancy for its synthesis responded luteum and then placenta. His level depends on the state of the uterus. If progesterone in the body of the mother is not enough, you may be tone. At normal concentrations of the hormone, the uterus will be in a relaxed state, which has a beneficial effect on the pregnancy. But this hormone not only relaxes the uterus, but other muscle tissue. As a result, the bowel movements may start to suffer and the woman is complaining of bloating and constipation.

    Vascular tone due to progesterone is also reduced. In the future mother swelling may appear. It is important to monitor your water balance. It is impossible to prevent insufficient intake of water or excess. Edema you can’t hide from the obstetrician-gynecologist. The doctor will also be able to appoint necessary for the removal of excess fluid drugs that will be safe for the unborn child.

    18 obstetric week tummy women may look different. Some have almost nothing visible. Even you can not think that a woman is in an interesting position. Stomach other women may already have a fairly large size.

    How is the fruit?

    18 obstetric week of pregnancy calendar is a 16 embryonic week. Many women are concerned about how a child develops and what sizes he has. In order to determine this, it is enough to reveal his palm. The baby will easily fit into it.

    The growth of the child at this period — not more than 14 cm on the average is about 150 grams. The child can be compared to a ripe mango fruit. The baby is growing every day. This week, he undergoes the following changes:

  • Appear the germs of permanent teeth of the child. They are located on the beginnings of the milk teeth. To erupt molars can through tens years, but their development begins at 18 weeks.
  • All the bones of the child are strengthened. This process is called mineralization of the skeleton.
  • The joints of the kid located on the fingers and toes develop.
  • The child’s muscles are also developing.
  • The baby starts to form subcutaneous fat layer.
  • When the fetus is not sleeping, he’s practicing. All his movements are made at the level of reflexes, and the child is able to:

  • To suck the thumb.
  • To simulate the breathing process.
  • To swallow amniotic fluid.
  • To turn.
  • On the forums you can see that many women are interested in, how often should the baby move. To calculate the perturbation is now virtually impossible. The child in the uterus is still not at all crowded. It can actively spin in the uterine cavity, without touching her. The result of the mother’s body will not experience any sensations. The calculation of perturbations will be needed in the later stages of pregnancy.

    Pain, discharge and possible complications at 18 weeks pregnant

    Throughout pregnancy can present some unpleasant symptoms. For them, it is necessary to follow. If pain or discharge go beyond a normal, then immediately need to go to health centres to maintain pregnancy. Because if there is birth, then the child will not be able to survive.

  • At this period perhaps the release of colostrum from the Breasts. To Express it in any case impossible. Because it can cause uterine contractions and cause miscarriage.
  • At any time there can be a miscarriage, or pregnancy can freeze. If this happens, the woman may experience strange sensations. In particular worsens the General health of women. We need to carefully monitor your condition and in case of any deterioration to talk about it to a doctor or call emergency.
  • Nagging mild pain may be present throughout the duration of pregnancy. So stretch the ligaments and muscles to hold the expanding belly. But if the pain is severe or cramping, you should lie down and call the ambulance.
  • Vaginal discharge second trimester can significantly increase. Leukorrhea should be clear or whitish and does not have any peculiar smell. If the women are yellow, greenish, sharp and unpleasant-smelling discharge, it is a sign of diseases of the genital tract. If the discharge has a brown, red or scarlet, not to lose time. Most likely starts a miscarriage or placental abruption and needed to call an ambulance for hospitalization.
  • Another possible unpleasant symptom 18 weeks can become preeclampsia. This morning sickness late in pregnancy. He had little symptoms, but each of them can be dangerous to the health of the mother and child:

  • Visible and internal swelling. For diagnosis swelling obstetrician-gynecologist can press your fingers on the limbs. Depending on how quickly disappears imprint, determined by the presence or absence of edema.
  • Sharp and fairly large weight gain.
  • The appearance of protein in the urine of a pregnant woman.
  • Any of the symptoms should be monitored throughout pregnancy.

    General guidelines

    The middle of the second trimester is the time to finish all the works. Must pass all the doctors listed in the map pregnant: dentist, ophthalmologist, therapist, Laura. Obstetrician-gynecologist can be assigned techniques to other doctors if necessary. It is also important to get an EKG during pregnancy. The heart has to work harder and in its normal state it is necessary to watch.

    The expectant mother needs to eat right. The diet should be balanced. If a woman suffers from heartburn, you should pay attention to the porridge and jelly. If there are constipation, you must eat prunes. It will help to loosen stools. If this does not work, then the doctor can do microclysters.

    It is also useful to drink cranberry and lingonberry juices. They are a great folk diuretics, rich in vitamins. The main thing is to make sure that women are not allergic to cranberries and lingonberries.

    Don’t get too emotionally react to everything that happens around. Although the storm of hormones, which were at first pregnancy had subsided, but the emotional state of women throughout the pregnancy may be precarious. It is important to remember that all the emotions of the mother transmitted to the baby. And better that he is in a happy mood than experiencing sadness and longing.

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