How to have a girl: a scientific and traditional methods

The sex of a baby depends on which sperm reaches the egg contains a Y chromosome or an X. this Process looks completely random. But could it still have any impact? How to give birth to the girl mom and dad, for example, already have a son or just wanting to raise it a beautiful and intelligent daughter? Exist as more or less scientific methods of planning sex of the child and folk.

Как родить девочку: научные и народные методы

Of course, the absolute guarantee that in the next born is a girl, can not give any one technique. However, observing certain rules, the probability of conception girls to promote really very well.

Research methods

So how do you give birth to a daughter? To plan the gender of future children, people trying since ancient times. And of course, drew attention to it, including doctors. Of course, experts on this subject, there were many different kind of research.

Actually the scientific way of planning the sex of the child is based on the characteristics of sperm carrying the Y and the X chromosome. Doctors had accurately determined that the first more mobile, but less strong and tenacious. In addition, the semen contains a lot more.

The sperm with the X chromosome is much tougher than their Y counterparts. However, they move much, much slower. Therefore during ovulation the chance to overtake Y-rival sperm with the X chromosome, unfortunately, practically does not remain.

Therefore, in order to give birth to a girl, the future mom and dad need to plan for conception in a period of 3-5 days before ovulation. In this case, to the point a from Y-sperm, most likely, will die. And this, in turn, will greatly increase the likelihood of «victory» of their X-counterparts, and hence the conception of girls.

The most well-known traditional methods

Of course, over the centuries have been developed, including different sorts of folk methods of planning sex of the child. The most known methods are:

  • the conception of the blood;
  • Chinese calendar;
  • Japanese table.

How to have a girl: planning for blood

As you know, blood in women is renewed every 4 years, while men in 3 years. It is believed that one of the parents, whose blood at the moment, «under», and set the sex of the baby. In order to know whose blood is younger and more active, you need to divide the age of the mother at 4, and Pope — 3. Then the integer part of the resulting number must be multiplied by 4 or 3, respectively. Thus it is possible to know the age when each parent has updated the blood. If division would be a whole number, then it happened in the same year.

Japanese table

This method is also a good answer to the question of how to give birth to a girl by calculating the time of conception. In this case, use two tables. First you need to find months of the birth of mother and father and look at the figure at the intersection.

Как родить девочку: научные и народные методы

The number should be found in the top-most row in the second table and determine thus the desired month of conception.

Как родить девочку: научные и народные методы

The Chinese calendar

This technique uses the principles of one of the oldest Sciences in the world of numerology. In this case, planning sex of the child based on the age of the expectant mother. Depending on this determined the month of conception.

Как родить девочку: научные и народные методы

It is believed that this method, although does not give a perfect result, but in most cases is reliable.


So, how to have a girl? The above-described methods can be quite effective. But there are different kinds of popular signs, which allows to determine the sex of a planned child, depending on a given situation. For example, it was observed that:

  • the older the parents, the more likely the birth of they daughter;
  • girls predominate in the offspring of people with gout;
  • parents have bald girls are born less frequently than sons.

In addition, it is believed that children the same age are usually of the same sex. Therefore, if the family already had a son, if you want to have a girl, planning to conceive a second child on national signs, should be not earlier than 3 years.

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