How to get in shape and lose weight before spring

Soon spring will come, and there to bikini season is near. But eaten over the winter sweets felt overweight. Not the time for despair. It is better to change the style of life and see a new reflection in the mirror until the onset of warm weather. Как привести себя в форму и сбросить вес до наступления весны Related articles:

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Step 1: detox

To get rid of the feeling of heaviness and slowness after winter, you can use detox. The most affordable ways to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and fat to include in your diet fruits and vegetables. They should be 60% of the eaten per day products. Also contribute to the detox water with lemon and greens (parsley, spinach).

Step 2: remove fat from belly

Extra pounds on the stomach easy to just hide under sweaters. The spring from the extra burden you need to get rid of. For this purpose in the daily program should include a short morning exercises and cardio workouts. Potryasenij the number of calories you need to cut back and spend weekend on nature and not on the couch.

Step 3: take long walks instead of driving

The best way to lift the spirits after winter and get rid of excess weight — the long walk. To do this each day is enough to pass at least 2 km on foot. At the first opportunity — to get into the Park, where walking in combination with fresh air twice quickly will help to get in shape.

Step 4: avoid empty calories snack

If you want to see a new reflection in the mirror by March 1, will have to give up empty calories. To say «no» we need soda, white bread and delicious buns, chocolate bars and any other sweets with high sugar content. Snacking can be healthy. Now best friends have become carrots, cut into thin sticks, a sandwich with whole grain bread, fish and low-fat cheese, and «lazy oatmeal» in the Bank.

The achieved results not only give confidence in anticipation of spring, but will reward long that will last during the summer season and longer.

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