How to make a suspended ceiling with his hands

Many people, making repairs, often wonder about how to do the ceiling, because you always want to the room was not only beautiful but also practical. Как сделать навесной потолок своими руками Related articles:

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During the Soviet era slab mainly laid not so smooth as we would like. To fix this problem entirely by using so-called secondary structures. It’s really a real problem. Such ceilings is not correct nor alignment, nor plastering. If you want to make the suspended ceilings, and the flat and not to resort to the help of construction crews, just read this article till the end.

An uneven surface can create problems not only when gluing the Wallpaper, but even when painting. Previously, people had to do a thorough alignment of the surfaces. This procedure is quite difficult and very dirty. Currently, there is a simple way to get rid of such problems, simply install a false ceiling. On the market today presented a great variety of materials and designs to make the ceiling.

Each of them represents not a ceiling, but rather a complex system that consists of a large number of elements. These include hidden communication. How to choose the best solution for your home and also make beautiful ceiling, with its own hands? The concept of «ceiling» for today includes mostly a huge number of different solutions. Unites them only one thing – this presence of so-called metal frame, it is outside install the materials themselves.

Ceilings are often:

  • solid;
  • modular;
  • combined

To create ceiling ideal the following types of materials: stylish plastic panels, siding, drywall. For some reason, in most cases, choose panel, not the drywall? You can really create a beautiful ceiling from the so-called drywall. First, you have to order a truck to bring all the materials and then do finish. The leaves themselves cover the net, applied, and then align the filler, produce staining. Of course, such a ceiling will look attractive, however, with plastic panels much easier to work with.

What advantages will have the ceiling created from panels?

Let’s talk about the advantages of stylish plastic. He is not afraid of water, so it can be used in places with high humidity. Panels will not warp from moisture. As soon as dirt gets on the material, just wipe everything with a damp cloth, but the drywall needs to be painted again. And if the top is simply flooded, the panels will not be affected.

If we talk about the so-called advantages of panels that are created of sturdy plastic material, it is possible to declare confidently, they not only moldy, but did not need any finish, but if absolutely necessary they can also be replaced. Using these panels you are able to close the ceiling, even if it is a large number of irregularities and other possible shortcomings. It should be noted that under by the panels, you can also hide pipes and wiring, which is very convenient. For the production of panels, typically use the so-called polyvinyl chloride. It is completely safe for your health. Sometimes it is used mainly for making various dishes and other products made of plastic.

How to make installation of the frame?

Just before to do the layouts to the frame or implement the installation, it is important to determine the distance directly from the old ceiling to the floor slabs. As soon as well as altitude, do some marking.
Using a level, determine whether the smooth ceiling. If so, then you can easily do without the frame and just clip a few slats, made of wood, directly at the ceiling, then you can nail the panels with staples. How to execute the markup? Put in corner markers, for example, down to 10 cm from the ceiling. Next few points should be put on other walls. This can be done using a water or laser level.

If we talk about profile, it is possible to use two kinds is UD and CD. The profile, called UD, is attached solely to the wall, and CD as a profile. Attach the important profile through the so-called dowels, and longitudinal have to use metal screws. They are still called «fleas».

To carefully drill right through the wall for the dowels, you must use either a drill or a quality impact driver. If the profile has to be assigned, then you can begin the installation of the longitudinal profile. Don’t forget to hide under the frame of the electrical wiring. The place where will be lamp, it is necessary to create insights, their length should be about 30 cm from the frame. This is done for convenience.

As a final step will be attaching these panels. All work must only be started from the edges. If we talk about the so-called device of the panel, one of them has the special spike, and the second small groove. For this reason to collect them is not so difficult. After the panels are installed, you will need to stick the rods, they will be able to hide all the seams located between the walls, and plastic.
The profile can easily be cut with special scissors. Slicing panels are ideal construction knife or a hacksaw. Finished ceiling very carefully wiped with a damp cloth, and then you can do the lamps, fixing them on the ceiling. You probably already understand, from various plastic panels easily create a ceiling, it is durable enough. You can forget about repairs in General for 10 years.

The ceiling is made of drywall

In addition to panels, you can attach to the ceiling sheets of drywall. However, note that the bathroom should only be used moisture-resistant drywall, it can withstand high humidity. Strengthen its harder than the panel. He’s attractive looks, you can also create even a few levels if you allow the height of the bathroom or its size. Let’s get down to business. The frame for the ceiling is made from drywall, in a way similar to the framework that is required for panels. On the walls first, you need to attach a profile. Then you want to insert the transverse and longitudinal profile options, which will stick to the so-called suspensions.

On the ceiling all the leaves are attached solely to the brim, starting with one of the possible walls. Drywall should be attached to the profile. Moreover, it should be remembered that the distance from the center of the profile of the walls at the joints themselves of the sheets must be not greater than the width of the sheet. If the distance is more than a meter, the leaves simply begin to SAG and may crack.

The lack of ceiling is made from drywall is a considerable weight of leaves. To mount the suspended ceiling is quite difficult for this reason. Even a few square meters can weigh up to 30 kg will Agree, is considerable. Without help to install them is almost impossible, the probability of cracking may be significant. To solve the first problem, you can use the so-called lift.

The ceiling is created from the lining

In the last few years, the popularity began to use the so-called lining, it is created from a variety of wood species. Can be used cedar or larch. Wood paneling needs to be rather durable and also durable. She is not afraid of water.


Of course, the simplest solution is to install the ceiling with one level. The lamps may be either overhead or even hanging. It can be painted in any shade that most of you will like. In this case, you will certainly get enough high-quality and incredibly simple design. If you are a person with imagination, make a curved ceiling, it can be executed from a simple drywall. For this purpose you will need some free time and also some skill. However, the result can exceed all your expectations.

Curved ceilings can be mostly made in the form:

  • different geometric shapes can be circles;
  • smooth lines and waves;
  • colors’;
  • different butterflies;
  • stars’.

Enough harmoniously will look so-called the cornice, is made of quality drywall, and the edges can make the backlight. You can use beautiful lighting. Often, owners choose from a stylish spotlights or classic lamps, or LEDs, and fluorescent lamps. Large chandeliers use undesirable. If you want to visually lift the ceiling, you can use the materials in the stripes.

To decorate the ceiling in the living room, most designers recommend the use of various designs with precise geometric shapes. These can be shapes that will emphasize the framing of the basic ceiling of your room. You can also use hand-painted. This method is not very popular, but it will allow you to translate into reality the desire of your beloved baby.

Lighting for suspended ceiling

To illuminate a big room, it is recommended to use the so-called drywall construction, they must be embedded so-called spotlights that will also have a beautiful function area lighting. In this case, if necessary, you can even adjust the light in each part of your room.

As lighting, you can use:

  • chandeliers;
  • spotlights;
  • sconce.

As you already understood, to install ceiling mounted is not so difficult. It needs to have a few skills.

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