How to make a warm floor under laminate wood floors

In a beautiful house, where incredibly cozy and also heat, will certainly want to return again and again. To make their homes comfortable, as well as significant savings in General, the heating is realistic, if you equip a warm floor under the laminate. Как сделать теплый пол под ламинат на деревянный пол Related articles:

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In this article you will find detailed instructions and laying of floor heating will not cause you too much difficulty. Various systems began to be popular many years ago. And year by year those who want to mount them, it becomes more and more. The range is amazing. You can pick up a quality heating system if you have to focus not only on your taste, but also on their financial capabilities.

What are the advantages of a warm floor?

  • using high quality insulated floor it is possible to completely replace the main heating;
  • uniform heating may contribute to the total exclusion of draught, which often causes harm to the health;
  • you provided a comfortable environment for living. In addition, you also ensure warm feet. This is a great opportunity for the prevention of various acute respiratory diseases;
  • if we talk about the rate of heating, the rooms get warm very quickly, in contrast to other heating systems. This property will allow you to fully shut the heat off, especially if no one is home;
  • the use of modern technologies will allow you to significantly save on energy consumption;
  • the air is dry;
  • the system never occupies a large area;
  • you can use the floor to heat the various glasshouses, farms, and greenhouses;
  • warm floor, you can lay under the linoleum and directly under laminate, parquet, tile;
  • to make installation easy and simple;
  • heating system easy to manage, you can pick a temperature.

Floors with quality heated long been well established in various country cottages, and small apartments. The selection of a heating system depends only on the operating conditions and mounting.

The systems are different:

  • electric – heating is carried out with the use of so-called cables;
  • water – heating occurs with the so-called polyethylene pipes, and enough hot water.

Electrical system is mainly distinguished by the type of so-called heating elements. The main options are: the so-called heating Mat, heating cable, infrared heating (this is a special thermo).

Let’s look at all the options read more:

  • The heating cable. If to consider this variant in more detail, in most cases Underfloor heating such heating elements arranged in a fairly simple way. A special cable with large resistance value is placed in the screed the floor. The heat begins to stand out when the electricity passes through the cable itself. Then the coupler starts to get hot, and heat distributed throughout the room.
  • Infrared heating (so-called film floor). Here are the elements that conduct heat, represent the nanostructures. When running through the current, is the so-called infrared radiation. This type of heating is considered to be one of the most progressive and advanced technologies. Infrared radiation is completely harmless to people.
  • Warm floor. If we talk about this method, here as the various heating elements apply the so-called plastic pipe. Between flooring and floor is laid contours, by which to circulate water. This will have to do the calculations for proper stacking system.
  • When you lay the laminate directly on a warm floor from water heating, be sure to consider the sensitivity of the material to sufficiently high temperatures. For this purpose it is necessary to provide the system in different devices that will control the temperature. These include not only the thermostat but also the mixing unit and manifold, etc.

    Can we install Underfloor heating under the laminate?

    When you determine exactly which floor heating is better suited under the laminate, be sure to consider that this material is quite vulnerable to sharp jumps in temperature, and the influence of moisture. Often people have the question arises: «is it Possible to do Underfloor heating directly under the laminate?»

    After all, not many laminate manufacturers produce panels that are ideally suited for heating elements. First we need to deal with the main parameters of coatings under the laminate and also the terms of use themselves warm floors. Be sure to read the instructions all materials must be necessarily known as such use. If you can not understand, where there is such information, simply contact sure to help the dealer where I bought the warm floor.

    Some modern firm engaged in production of laminated panels, which will be adapted to the device under them quite warm and comfortable floor. This will indicate which type of coating will be suitable for this product. Installation of floor heating directly under the laminate, which is not suitable for this purpose may lead to the fact that the system simply fails, and the coating will simply deteriorate. As innovations in our market is often a laminate, which has built all kinds of heating elements.

    How to prepare the surface for installation of infrared floor?

    Install Underfloor heating is often part of the design, which will consist of several layers. To be a strip of plywood or chipboard, as well as the so-called topcoat laminate and even vapor barrier layers. In this way the system will work as efficiently as possible. Infrared radiation will be reflected from the lower layer and to strive to the top, with all the possible warming of the room.

    If the so-called infrared heating you are planning to apply as a single item, editing the film sex must be made directly on the square, which is not less than 70% of the total possible floor surface. Electric heating is quite effective, if to heat the whole room. Any coating must be laid exclusively on a fairly smooth surface.

    After that, you must calculate the area to cover the floor with foil. This will eliminated the places where it will be quite heavy furniture. At this stage you can determine where to place the thermostat. For added convenience, it is sufficient to create a scheme for laying future film sex. Then you need to start installation of the so-called roll films. For this purpose, it uses the so-called izolon. It must be cut into strips of sufficient size and be laid on the surface of the floor. To during installation of the strip of this material is not shifted, they must be carefully fasten together with duct tape.

    How to isolate and connect the electrical heat-insulated floor?

    The next stage will be the connection of the contact terminals. You must install them into strips so that one of the parties was located inside. After that you should tightly clamp the terminals with pliers. Next you need to install the thermostat. Temperature sensor it is important to put on the bar of the fuser. He in any case should not be on the surface.

    To prepared the place you need to set the panel of the thermostat, then it is important to connect the wires, and in accordance with the scheme. The thermostat is connected to the electrical network through a special machine. Then simply produce the system testing the temperature is preferably set not more than 30 degrees. When you make sure that the functioning of the floor is correct, you can lay the laminate.

    How radiant floor heating?

    If we talk about the so-called classical variants of Underfloor heating are directly related to the so-called water heater. The device often includes not only the pipe with fire-water, which enters the system from the reservoir with a special pump. Use enough warm water floor is considered most feasible in the majority of private homes. Keep in mind that the use of floor heating basically involves the installation of so-called circulation pump.

    Laminate is considered one of the most popular types of flooring today. However, how to do it properly warm floor under the laminate? It is quite possible! The laminate is able to attract not only high resistance to moisture and good resistance to damage.

    As you know, installation of floor heating under laminate is simple, it can be handled even if you do not have sufficient skills. Simply follow the instructions and comply with all the points. You will certainly cope with this task!

    If you want your children crawling around on a warm floor, and you yourself had would be comfortable in the room, engaged in laying of floor heating. In a pinch, you can always contact the experts. They will make all the work quickly, on time and very efficiently. Some companies charge for quite small amounts. Remember, a warm floor can be installed not only for floors but also for other building coatings.

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