How to clean a laptop from viruses

What to do if you recently bought the laptop stops working – hangs, skips a bunch of unnecessary ads, closes the tab, and sometimes even yourself off? It is not in the equipment breakdown – just the laptop picked up malware and can’t remove them. How to clean a laptop from viruses and get rid of the problems? Как почистить ноутбук от вирусов Related articles:

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First you need to learn one rule – never download suspicious files, avoid Intrusive links, or screaming, flashing advertisements. Whatever anti-virus protection, occasionally it fails, and the system PC get viruses. Some of them can block access to a computer, crack passwords or to extract personal information, work documents. Do not forget about the program called «the Trojan» (a Trojan virus): after receiving the data of your PC and complete PC lock, you receive a message that access to information will be opened only after the Deposit of funds. To pay for unlocking no means impossible – you just cheated. The sooner you take for «treatment» techniques, the faster you will regain the lost peace of mind.

How to save equipment from malware

The first step to recovery: remove unnecessary files that have accumulated over the month/week/day. In the Temp folder is a huge number of unnecessary temporary files that you do not even suspect. The risk of the origin of the virus is most likely in this folder. Viruses can sit in the browser cache.

To clear the cache and Temp folder, do the following:

  • Download a free utility called CCleaner;
  • Before downloading check the alignment parameters: open the setting in «computer properties». Utility and CCleaner operating PC system must use the same type of system: x64;
  • Checking parameters include job tool: the English language can be replaced by Russian in the tab «Options»;
  • On the left menu, click on the image with the brush to «wipe», select all desired files which need to be checked (better leave the default), select «Analysis» and then «Clearance»;
  • Once the laptop will get rid of the extra weight, connect antivirus protection.

Antivirus program

Download free scanner — Kaspersky Virus removal tool or Dr Web Curit. A program that searches for malicious viruses on your devices, doesn’t require installation, but to check PC again, I’ll have to download the program again. If you are not able to buy a license protection, use Avast free or Microsoft Security Essentials.

To download Dr Web Curit is required to confirm the license agreement.After you do, go download.

Как почистить ноутбук от вирусов To run the program to work, you need to select the «scan target», then tick all the partitions and drives you want to scan.Don’t forget to enable the option «Automatically apply actions to threats.» When a virus Dr Web Curit yourself to make it irrelevant.

Как почистить ноутбук от вирусов 

You will only confirm in the settings, about the removal of the incurable virus.

Как почистить ноутбук от вирусовAfter cleaning, you again check the laptop on the contents of temporary files. In the process of purification you will see the files which deleted, and which cured.

Как почистить ноутбук от вирусовAnother common problem is software that is installed together with another program. The result is a double, home village changes its appearance, and tabs open on your own. Often, antivirus does not detect anything. What to do?

Open «control panel» on your computer, find in the list «programs and features», carefully scroll through the files. Among them were a stranger, enemy files. Feel free to delete them.

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