How to protect your passwords

According to research studies, about 90% of passwords are considered vulnerable to potential cyber attacks. Experts on Internet safety say that our passwords have become more simple than before. The cause is the lack of time and a huge amount of resources that require an account. Как защитить свои пароли Related articles:

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Not the first year there is a flurry of hacking accounts from social networking regular users. Personal correspondence and other sensitive information becomes accessible to complete strangers, probably with a very low social responsibility.

And blame ourselves, and our same type passwords, numbers, which often correspond to the date of birth. And if the password is complex, it is necessarily stored in a text document on the desktop with the telling title, lest we forget.

A long period when hackers due to leaks and bream in security systems has received hundreds of thousands of data from various accounts, allowed them to establish databases for their programs for a few seconds to sort through millions of options of commonly used passwords.

In order not to be another victim of hacking, compliance with some of the basics for working with passwords that can significantly increase the level of protection for any account:

— Use different passwords for each site

To keep the secret combinations in the mind, more than half of users use on all accounts one or more passwords. The need to use a text document or having a good memory will play an important role if used to store passwords.

— Avoid the General laws

Most sites require a password consisting of letters of the different register. Inclusions of characters in future a secret code is also required.

And even then the human brain manifests itself: the symbols for greater proportionality puts the user at the beginning and at the end, and the middle password usually takes some sort of meaningful date.

All such combinations hackers have long known algorithms for modern programs quickly figured out the basic pattern and use it successfully in the selection process.

The only advice is to use passwords generator, the output of which will be a meaningless combination of numbers, letters and characters of the different register, is longer than 12 characters.

— Use double verification

Now most of the major portals support this option. Use of the telephone to confirm the account is a huge plus to the overall privacy. If someone tries to log in to your account with another device, the service will ask to enter the code from SMS.

— Watch out for phishing

Never change your passwords on links in emails you did not request, since those links might be compromised. After the big hacking of a portal, the number of phishing emails increases dramatically

Any actions on your account make directly on the site itself, entering it not by reference to the letter, and from search engines.

— Use password Manager

The most reliable way of storing your passwords is the use of third-party software. Many programs have a high degree of protection and securely encrypt data stored on their care.

Access your passwords from different devices through cloud sync allows you to do it quickly and from anywhere where there is Internet.

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